Windows 7 email recovery tool

Windows 7 is easily the most powerful and popular operating-system designed by Microsoft. Operating system is much like an interface between hardware and software. OS is a software package, which facilitates communication between computer hardware and software of computer. Windows 7 is really an easy and simple OS to use as compare to other operating systems. Windows 7 works with laptops, desktops, notebooks etc.

At any bad situation everybody wishes that one could reverse the time back. As system holds many important data if it crash then there will be a huge data loss. MS Outlook will be the famous application, employed by people for email communication. Email is most typical communication medium to use by the users.

Various tools are utilized from the email clients to speak including Outlook, Outlook express and many more. These tools are client side tool which are employed for emailing. In Outlook PST files contains all information concerning to attributes saved in it. Outlook was first launched around 2000 then comes the 2003, 2007 and 2010. As Outlook is inbuilt emailing tool in Windows 7 so for back-end PST file can be used to save the information about its attributes.

When the emails are lost then how to retrieve emails on windows 7 is the most general question, my email recovery tool is the best answer for these type of question. But exactly what can function as the reason behind the loss of emails? Is there any way I can recover my email? How recovery is possible, can there be any special condition that must be followed to ensure that recovery can be created easily? Will be the questions will come in users mind after knowing this fact that recovery is possible.

Some common scenarios which are responsible for data loss are mentioned below:

  • Pirated OS and software always causes software malfunction, which can corrupt the PST file utilized to save the data in back-end of Outlook.
  • Virus attack on PC or mobile where the Outlook is configured may be one more reason for email loss from Outlook.
  • Compressing the PST file to help make it portable, attaching it to emails etc. can corrupt the email’s data.
  • Outlook employed by unauthorized user or sharing PST file over unsecured network would be the other two for email deletion from Outlook profile.

Precautions that assist you to avoid every one of the above loss of data situations are defined below:

  • Always use antivirus within the system in order to avoid the attack of virus and corruption of files could be avoided.
  • Maintain a backup of all your important files which may retain your data if lost occur.
  • Don’t share the file over unsecured network or use some reliable tool to do the compression.

If these precautions fail to save your data from loss, then don’t get upset. My emails recovery tool is there be to recover your lost/deleted emails. Try trial version of this tool, estimate the outcomes of trial version. If you’re happy with its feedback then download its complete version.

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