Tool to Repair Damaged AVI Video File

AVI (Audio Video Interleave) is one of the most commonly used video file format developed by Microsoft Corp. This video file container contains video along with audio tracks. This file format is developed by using Resource Interchange File Format. AVI file container supports synchronous audio with video playback. This video file format saves in system hard drive with .avi file extension. This video file format supports both Apple Mac and MS Windows based computers. Apart from these features of AVI video file, sometimes you may face problems with AVI file. While playing an AVI file with media player such as VLC, QuickTime or any other video player, it shows error messages and denies to play. These difficult states of AVI video file arise due to the corruption of it.

Once the AVI file gets damaged, then it shows behavior. After encountering such difficult situations, user wants to fix avi file and want to play it. In order to repair AVI video file, you need an advanced third party tool like Repair AVI Mac Software because there is no manual way to overcome from this issue. This tool is developed by expert IT professionals specially for fixing damaged AVI files by using few simple mouse clicks. It is read only program means it does not modify the original damaged AVI file. Instance of changing damaged AVI file, it creates a new AVI file and read the information from old file and put it into new one very easily. Due to this feature of Repair AVI Mac Software, it is considered as more safe and secure toward the more corruption of original AVI video files.

Common Reasons of AVI Video File Corruption:

  • At the time of playing an AVI file with media player, if system goes down improperly due to power outage or any other causes such as blue screen problems, then there is a chance of AVI video file corruption.
  • Virus or malware attack on AVI file can also be a reason behind the AVI file damaging. Once it gets affected by these dangerous viruses or malwares, then it will deny to play.
  • While copying or moving AVI files from computer to other external data storage device or vice versa, if any disruption occurs during this AVI file transferring process, then there is a chance of AVI video file damaging by which you will be unable to play it.
  • Header corruption, bad sectors, changing the file formats, forcefully closing player, playing AVI files with unsupported player can also lead to its corruption.

Amazing Features of Repair AVI Mac Software:

  • This easy to use program supports to fix AVI video files which can be recorded by digital camera or camcorder of any brands such as Sony, Fujifilm, Toshiba, Panasonic, Nikon, Olympus, Canon, Samsung, Kodak and LG without any difficulty.
  • With the help of Repair AVI Mac Software, you can easily repair and fix damaged, broken, corrupted or not playable AVI, XVID and DivX video files.
  • This hassle free tool is available for Microsoft Windows as well as Apple Mac OS based desktops and laptops such as Windows 10, Mavericks, Windows 8.1, Leopard, Lion, Windows 7, Windows XP, Mountain Lion, and Windows Vista easily.
  • Once the AVI video file is repaired, you can also take the preview of repaired AVI files before saving them to other storage drive without any other difficulty.

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