Tool to repair avi file

Are you looking for utility software which can be used to fix avi file on mac? If your answer is affirmative, then you need to use Video File Repair software. This utility software determines the cause of damage to avi file by scanning, and thereafter performs corrupt video file repair without making any major footprint on computer resources. Though mac operating system offers one of the secured ways of handling data, it may get corrupt or damaged due to surplus reasons, leaving you in perplexed state of mind.

Mainly file format like avi gets damaged due to codec error. Any video file, play with association of codec file, which is preinstalled in computer. Thus if any state of affair codec file gets damaged then, it can’t be rectified manually. When any video file faces codec error it different types of messages such as “A codec is needed to play this file.”, “Invalid file format”, “Cannot play video because codec not installed”, etc. therefore if any user wants to recover such files then it can be done by use of Video File Repair. This software just reads the damaged file and revamps a new video file having same features as it was prior to corruption.

Occasionally video file like avi gets damaged due to improper shut down of mac system while accessing file. Suppose a scenario that you are watching one of the movies of your hard drive which is in avi format. But due to power shortage your system gets switched off before proper shutdown. Later when you turned on your system, and played the movie, you found that sound is not coming. So what has occurred to file which was playing quite good few moments before?? Actually file has got damaged, and if you want to have that file in the same format as it was earlier then you need to use Video File Repair tool.

Video File Repair is capable of sorting out any of the damage caused to avi format of file. It has got in built scanning algorithm which scans damaged file and determines the cause of damage. After getting the reason for corruption or damage it performs repair according to its requirement. Video File Repair has got one of the best graphic user interfaces, which can be easily utilized by novice as well as expert. Avi files which are repaired using Video File Repair application can be saved at the desired location as back up. Also one of the other added advantages of using this software is that it repairs audio and video stream separately and then attaches them. This activity of Video File Repair doesn’t impacts the video or audio clarity; it retains all the features of original video. Along with repairing avi file it also perform on xvid and dvix file format.

The good thing about using Video File Repair is that it works very quickly on the desired file and that to with minimum amount of footprints on computer resources. Any consumer who has lost command over his avi file can get it by use Video File Repair software from internet for evaluation purpose.

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