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“I have deleted some important data from Microsoft Outlook 2010 folder by mistake. Unfortunately, I have also emptied “deleted folders” from Outlook without verifying all the contents. Now, I am looking to get back deleted data from Outlook. I tried different way but nothing seems to work. Please help me out to find out the best Outlook recovery tool that will help me to restore deleted data from Outlook 2010. It will put me in a real miserable situation, if I couldn’t recover deleted data from Outlook 2010.”

Microsoft Outlook 2010 is by far the most popular email client application that is wide spread among computer users. Organizations largely depend on Outlook to communicate within themselves. Even though Outlook primarily deals with emails, it also have other attributes which will offer great help to user like reminders, calendar, journal, RSS feeds and many more. All of these are together stored in a PST file. As emails have a significant role in day to day life of people’s personal and professional life, the need for email client application like Outlook 2010 is really essential. As it helps people to organize emails, and keeps track of it. Any loss to the Outlook data might impact hugely. In case, if you have lost data from Outlook 2010 then it is so essential to retrieve data and that too if you don’t have backup. Although Outlook themselves provides an inbuilt tool i.e. ScanPST for helping users to retrieve and repair Outlook PST folder, but the disadvantage with this tool is it directly manipulates the original PST file, which might lead to more damage.

And here is where a reliable third party tool like Outlook Recovery Tool will come in handy. It creates a new healthy file after repairing or recovering PST folder thereby overcomes the disadvantage of ScanPST. Before dealing with Outlook data recovery, get to know more on the causes that lead to data loss.

Major reasons that lead to the loss of Outlook files

  • Accidental deletion: At times, while deleting unwanted emails and other data from Outlook 2010, user might select few important emails or data by mistake leading to loss. But still there is a possibility to restore deleted data from “Deleted items” folder but in case if you have emptied this then you might have to find out different ways.
  • Outlook up gradation: User might look to upgrade the Outlook version, improper up-gradation might lead to corruption situation, and thereby you will lose access to the Outlook profile.
  • PST file corruption: There may be instances where your PST file gets corrupted due to severe virus attack, improper closing of the application while sending or receiving emails.
  • PST file oversize: If suppose the file size of PST file exceeds then in order to save new files, Outlook will start deleting older files from the Outlook folder, leading to loss of important folders.

Methods to recover Microsoft Outlook data?

Normally, Outlook Inbox tracks the deleted items for a period of 14 days, the deleted items are safe till these period on “Deleted items” folder. So, if you want any of it back, you can easily browse to deleted items folder and restore deleted items. But, if you have removed data from deleted items folder then it is not possible to recover Microsoft Outlook 2010 data file. Under these circumstances user is provided with ScanPST tool. But as discussed the drawback of this tool makes it not dependable in most cases.

Outlook Recovery Tool facilitates the user to restore Outlook data files such as emails, reminders, calendar, contacts, and other attributes from Outlook with great ease. It is a repair cum recovery tool. Outlook Recovery Tool is one of the most recommended application that helps to recover Microsoft Outlook 2010 data file, 2007, 2003, etc. on various Windows operating system like Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows vista and more. It helps user in repairing corrupted OST and PST files.

More features of Outlook Recovery Tool:

  • This simple utility uses efficient scanning technique which helps to recover deleted or lost items from Microsoft Outlook versions.
  • Outlook Recovery Tool comes with a simple interface that cuts out all difficulties of the user and helps them to perform safe data recovery.
  • The demo version of the recovery tool allows previewing of the recovered Outlook files in Outlook based browser.

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