Software to recover formatted pen drive

I have recently created new document and excel files in my system and later I moved them to my pen drive to access them in office. Next when I connected that pen drive to office system which encountered error message stating that “pen drive needs formatting for further use. Would like to format it now?” I quickly responded to that message and even formatted my pen drive without thinking about vital files stored in it. Now, what should I do to restore files from formatted pen drive? Does any of know faced similar scenarios and retrieved your files back? If yes then explain in detail…

You have come across very common file loss scenario and lost vital data from pen drive. However, you no need to worry; because, pen drive formatted data can be easily carried out with the use of the best data recovery application called Unformat Data which is rich in user interface and provides easy access to all types of users. This application can easily recover formatted pen drive data in a couple of minutes with safe and secure. However, this application is designed especially for retrieving formatted data, using effective algorithms thus helps to carry out a successful data recovery process. You can restore all types of files from formatted pen drive, includes documents, pictures, notes, text, movies, etc.

Steps to follow:

  • Avoid using that pen drive for storing data on it
  • Do not use that pen drive for data transferring purpose
  • Do not use it as booting device

Above instructions will help you to increases the chances of restoring files from formatted pen drive because if you have performed any of above things then you may lose data from pen drive permanently beyond recovery procedure.

How is it possible restore data from formatted pen drive?

Formatting is a process of erasing or removing all data stored on storage device it might be pen drive, hard drive or any storage devices and even it allocates memory blocks freshly to store data freshly on it. However, formatted data remain in pen drive memory only unless and until data overwritten process happens. In addition, a formatting process initially removes access pointers of files stored in drive, from table entry but data remains in memory but you cannot see or access it. In this scenario, if you make use of data recovery application which scans your hard drive very thoroughly and finally restores them with safe.

Other various reasons which causes data loss from pen drive

  • Accidental deletion: You may lose files from pen drive due to accidentally deleting files while accessing them. In addition, while deleting unwanted files choosing essential one and deleting them in a hurry.
  • Interrupting file transfer process: Most probably, pen drive is used to transfer data from one system to other. But while transferring files is you interrupt the process in middle by ejecting pen drive from a connected system or sudden system reboot will result in loss of files.
  • Virus attacks: USB storage devices includes pen drive, memory card and other devices can easily attacked by virus threats when you connected it to a infected system and even this results in loss of file once pen drive file system got corrupted.

Above-mentioned scenarios make you lose files and folders from pen drive. However, you have lost data from it, you can easily carried out a successful data restoration with the use of this best unformat data software. Application recovers all data from Pen drive irrespective of reasons behind it.  By utilizing this application, you can also easily restore data from other storage devices includes external hard drive, memory card, iPod and hard drive, etc. In addition, it supports recovery of data from various brands of pen drive such as HP, Kingston, Moser Bear, etc.

Salient features of application are

  • Application is very safe and secure to use
  • Application quickly unformats formatted pen drive
  • Restores all types of files from formatted pen drive
  • Allows you to view all recoverable files prior to purchasing the product
  • Displays all restored files in File Type View and Data View format
  • Restores deleted and lost files from pen drive
  • Supports file recovery process on both Windows and Mac machines
  • Provides technical assistance when you are struck, via email and live chat applications
  • Compresses restored data whenever required

Precautionary steps:

  • Do not keep vital data in pen drive without having backup
  • Do not connect pen drive to infected systems
  • Scan regularly with the use of updated antivirus application

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