Simple Way to Retrieve Data from Hard Drive

RAW file system is a system error that has come to your PC. RAW hard drive is a state where the computer fails to recognize the file system of hard disk. Usually when a file system is corrupted or damaged hard drive becomes RAW. This leads to data inaccessible and unreadable.

Suppose when you remove your external hard disk while copying data from PC to hard drive or during READ/WRITE process the drive becomes corrupt and turns RAW. When you want to open and want to access data from RAW file system you get many error messages. The error messages are, “The disk in drive is not formatted, and do you want to format it now?”

When hard drive becomes RAW, if you check the properties of your system it displays the disk space as” 0 bytes”. You can’t able to access any data from it. Usually these types of situations come across every user who is having PCs or laptops. If you want to recover data from hard drive that shows RAW file system make use of Hard Drive Retrieve software.

Scenarios that lead to become RAW file system:

  • Power surge: While transferring data from one system to other system, if sudden power loss occurs then the data contained in the hard drive may lost or deleted. Again when you want to open the partition it shows file system is RAW.
  • Virus infection: If there is severe virus infection on hard drive file system then the data contained in partition may become inaccessible or it becomes RAW file system.
  • Hard disk failure: Hard disk failure is one of the major problem to become file system RAW. Hard disk failure may occur due to hardware or software mall functions.

The above mentioned scenarios are some of the reasons to become RAW file system. Other than these there are some other scenarios such as Damaged Master Boot Record, corruption of hard drive partition table etc. In every case that lead to RAW file system you can recover data from hard drive that shows RAW file system with use of Hard Drive Recovery Software. This software is referred by most of professionals.

Hard Drive Recovery software supports to recover data from hard drives like SATA, SCSI, IDE and external USB drives etc. Hard Drive Recovery software effectively perform deep scanning of hard drive and extracts all your data from Raw file system with in few mouse clicks. Hard drive recovery software recover data even from hard drive having bad sectors, of various manufacturing companies such as Kingston, Transcend, HP and SanDisk etc. easily. This software as “Save Recovery Session” to avoid rescanning of hard drive and can resume the process at any time you want. In you have feature that you can preview the recovered data before saving it. It supports various file systems such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, HFS+, and HFSX. This software supports to recover data from all versions of Windows as well as Mac. Recovered data can be stored on the basis of file name, file size, date and file type.


  • Using of well-known antivirus software is better to prevent virus attacks and update the software frequently in order to avoid RAW file system.
  • Update the operating system frequently.
  • While Disconnecting or removing of external hard drive choose the option “Safely remove hardware” to disconnect the drive.

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