Recover Lost or Deleted Photos from Windows.

Now-a-days everyone shows interest in capturing photos and store their memories in the photos and we all like clicking photos on precious moments, such as birthdays, anniversaries, vacations or tours with friends and family, and many more events with the help of digital cameras, mobile phones of different versions. We usually like to move these captured photos to our computer, memory card, pen drives, flash drives, and so on and can have a view at that whenever required.  Though if the photos are stored very safely  in the system they may get deleted or lost due to some unavoidable conditions like accidental deletion, formatting the SD card / memory card / hard drive, and many more. In these situations one need not have to worry about the loss of photos because we can recover it with the help of Windows Photo Recovery software.

Before discussing about the functionality of this software the user must be aware of following reasons behind the deletion of photos from Windows

  • Accidental deletion: Accidental deletion is one of the main reasons for the deletion of files, as the user at the time of deleting the unwanted photos from the system he may delete the important photos.
  • Formatting: Formatting is a simple way to wipe out all the data from any device, like formatting the hard drive, SD card, memory card and so on will result in deletion of photos.
  • Malware attack: The photos which are stored in the system are deleted by third party applications like virus attack and malware attack, where malware is nothing but malicious software which is designed to disrupt the normal operation of the computer. This can be entered into the computer through internet, or by downloading infected software.
  • Improper termination: The photo files which are stored on Windows deleted or lost when the user terminates the system in an improper way like sudden shutdown of the computer, removing plug from the cable, power swings at the time of transferring the photos and so on..
  • Forced ejection of SD Card caused SD Card Corruption: Though SD cards are major sources of storage for digital cameras, they gets corruption because of carelessness and some events like improper ejection from the camera, force pull out and more., you need to apply a little pressure to install as well as to eject the SD card in your camera otherwise it gets corrupted.

Eminent features of Windows Photo Recovery software:

  • Windows Photo Recovery software performs the scanning of Windows machine and recovers the photos of various formats like JPEG which carries less compression technique, JPG, PNG, TIFF, and so on.
  • Windows Photo Recovery software is used to recover / retrieve photos from operating systems like Windows 7, 8, Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2007.
  • Retrieve photos from hard drive, external drive like USB flash drive, Pen drive, etc. digital camera, iPod, memory card, laptop and external hard drive with the help of Windows photo Recovery software.
  • Windows Photo recovery software has the capacity to restore the photos that are deleted or lost from the SD card even after installing the Windows operating system.
  • With the help of Windows Photo Recovery software you can retrieve photos from Windows which are lost due to accidental formatting, software malfunction, virus attacks, and unintentional deletion.

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