Recover Lost Files Formatted Hard Disk Drive

Many of us keep all of our data (fairly important) in system hard drive itself and also neglect to keep backup of our data, hoping it will be safe inside. But problem with this kind of dependency is that, when system gets crashed or any drive is accidentally formatted then there is no manual way to restore files. The same thing happened with one of my friend, he was so tensed after doing such a crazy thing. He called me with trembling voice and told me, he had accidentally formatted his hard drive. I advised him not to get panicked and make use of reliable recovery software to help himself out of this situation. Still he was worried about the important stuff inside the hard drive until he got all the files/folders in the hard drive using Recover Formatted software.

A user might be forced to format in certain other cases like:

  • A major system crash due to corruption of file system.
  • When MBR (Master Boot Record) gets corrupted.
  • Improper shut down, while files are in use.
  • In case of severe virus attack, file system of respective drive may get corrupted.
  • While trying to access any drive, you might receive a pop error message like ‘Disk in drive D:\ is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?” If you press ok on receiving this kind of error message, you will lose all the data in the drive.

In any of these cases, we are worried only about how we are going to get files lost files back. Usually people will have their own doubts regarding its possibility.

How is it realistic to recover data from the formatted hard drive?

Once hard drive is formatted, data never get destroyed/erased permanently, only data on the address table (present within file system) get erased. So retrieval of data is always realistic. If in case you have accidentally formatted the hard drive, you don’t need to get worried, all your data can be retrieved with the help of this data recovery software.

Features of Recover Formatted Hard Drive:

  • Completely scans entire hard drive to retrieve data from both Windows and Mac OS’s.
  • In order to save disk space, you can save your recover formatted hard drive files and folders in zip archive.
  • Its interactive interface provides descriptive guidance at every single step to ensure that recover of lost files are done in hassle free manner.
  • Supports data recovery from different types of hard drive like IDE, SATA, and SCSI.
  • Recovers data even from a non-booting or inaccessible PC hard drive.
  • Demo version of this software is available for free, you can use this version for previewing the recovered data.
  • Easily works on different file systems such as NTFS5, NTFS, ReFS, Fat32, etc.
  • Recovered files can be saved on any storage device that is connected to system.
  • If your entire hard drive is crashed then you can recover files from it by connecting it to another system via USB enclosure.
  • Files that are listed after completion of scanning process can be seen/viewed in Data View or File Type View.
  • If needed, you can make specific file recovery using this utility.
  • If you face any difficulty while installing or using this software, then you can contact its support staff which is available 24×7.

Precautions you need to follow to ensure 100% data recovery:

  • Make sure you have recovered all your files/folders, before saving any new files and folders to your formatted hard drive.
  • Avoid reformatting of hard drive after facing any kind of data loss.

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