Recover CF Card Images after Virus Attack


Nowadays, it has become a trend to carry camera along at marriage party, trip, college functions, birthday celebration etc. Digital cameras can store lots of images based on their CF card capacity and one can delete the photo immediately, if it is blur in appearance. You can also transfer images from CF card to the system or to any storage devices. But before connecting the card, make sure that your system is free from virus. Otherwise it will become the main reason behind the deletion or loss of images. Consider a scenario, where you have borrowed CF card from your friend to copy trip photos. But you were not aware of that the computer contained virus and simply plugged CF card to the system through card reader. You suddenly got shocked when you didn’t find a single photo on the CF card. So you tried to check with other systems too but result was same. Is there any way to restore photos from CF card? Is it possible to recover? Yes! You can retrieve it with the help of JPEG Recovery Software. Before implementing this tool, let us know the reason for deletion or loss of pictures.

Downloadable programs:  It is one of the possible ways of virus attack to the system. Executable files having extension of “.exe”, “.com” and “coolgame.exe” contains marvelous viruses. When you download such files, virus attached to them spreads throughout  the system. This result in intentional deletion, whenever virus replaces all the original photos from its own created images.


Email attachments: Photos can be shared through Emails; it is also one of the common ways to share between sender and receiver. User should be aware enough when they receive any kind of emails from unknown person. It is necessary to scan photos even when you receive it from your friend. Because he might have forwarded virus along with attachment unknowingly, this may delete your existed images when it attacks.


Cracked software:  When users download cracked and illegal versions of software, it contains virus sources. These viruses are difficult to find which may destruct your photos when it attacks. Because Virus has a great capacity to create its own file which is the duplicate of old file within short period of time.


Sharing external devices: Example: pen drive, CD or DVD, external hard disk, floppies which are the alternate way for spreading virus from one computer to another. If storage devices are infected by virus then it will be transferred along with copied images which may leads to deletion of pictures.


Other reasons:

  • Sometimes you will be warned by system to delete infective files when using anti- virus software.
  • When you remove CF card abruptly when is active in the system then it may leads to loss of photos from card.
  • Using CF card when camera batteries running low may result in loss of photos.
  • You may lose pictures during the situation, when CF card warns ‘No more space’


No need to bother, when you lose photos from CF card or when pictures are deleted automatically by virus attack. There are two possible ways that the virus may cause your images to be lost. One is your photos are deleted by the virus and the other is causing  pictures to be invisible from storage devices. If photos are hidden then it can be restored easily by just adjusting the corresponding settings to make those hidden pictures become visible. If photos deleted by virus then no need to worry they are still recoverable. The best solution for this is JPEG recovery software which helps to recover pictures deleted by virus or lost images. It supports all formats such as ARW, SR2, KDC, MRW, ORF, X3F, CR2 etc. This software is inexpensive and anyone can afford it easily.



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