Picture recovery from Android phones after complete loss

What makes phones smarter and secured that is it’s Android OS which comes with each OS. There is different version of OS that comes with the different phones supporting Android. Though, the OS is much secured for phones but still it cannot skip the loss from phones SD memory cards. The reason due to which data loss occurs is the human wrongs operations like pressing delete option, formatting the phones, to reset phone at factory settings, accidental deletion of files by usage of delete all button. There are few technical errors also which may delete files. Phones may loss photos due to water damaged or broken in to pieces etc. You can see these data loss very often by seeing those people having android phones and using it carelessly

So are there any possibilities to get back lost photo from android phones?

There are thousand of answers related to this question and that is given by the user. People have different sort of answers for the question. The main perceptions of the users are that when data is deleted from the phones than it is deleted forever but that is not certainly true Some may say that data disappear permanently if the phone is damaged. Few people believe that the data could be recovered easily as there are number of data recovery agencies or specialists that claim for data. So what could be said in concern of data recovery.

As the matter of fact is you can do recovery using free picture recovery software. This total scenario can be conducted by you and recovery can be made easily. But the only thing you need to confirm is whether the data is in the same state as it was previously.

  • If you have had kept the data either in the internal phone memory or in the memory card both can be recovered. But it is better to keep the backups so that recovery can be made frequently.
  • Few software fails to recover the files from internal memory but can recover pictures from SD cards on Android phone. If you have had lost the files from your SD card then its ok or else you have to be careful while choosing the recovery software.

Therefore to recover lost photos from Android phones internal memory you need to use the android internal memory recovery software. Connect you phone to Windows computer system and just install the software in there. You will be ask to save the recovery session. This session of the software will make you to recover the data at any time you want.

Steps to follow to make Android Phone Photo Recovery:

Once you choose photo recovery software then you have to follow few steps for recovery.

First of all, you need to install the recovery software in you system.

Secondly, connect your Android phone from which your data was lost and after the program launches just scan the whole android phone.

After you will be asked to save the session and this session file can be used later to make recovery (the time you want).

These steps will take fewer minutes to complete and lastly you will have an session of recovered data. The process of recovery is easy is because it comes with the snaps shots.


If you really want to recover data from any of the storage device then one thing you must keep in mind and that is you have to keep your device idle just after the data is lost. Download the software with snaps shots and follow to make recovery.

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