Outlook Inbox Repair Tool – Repair and Recover Outlook Items

The main purpose of MS Outlook is for exchanging emails and it is the most preferred application by almost all the professionals. There are two files in the Outlook, i.e., PST (Personal storage table) and OST (Offline storage table). In PST application you can access the emails only when you are online, but in the OST you can access even when you are offline. There are many version of MS Outlook such as Outlook 2000, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2003, and Outlook 2016.

Outlook.com_logo_In the current scenarios there are chances of Outlook getting corrupt. Consider a scenario: You are using a laptop in which Outlook 2007 is available. Once when you open that Outlook it is not accessible due to corruption. Due to this you are frustrated and finding for the solution repair the corrupt Outlook 2007. There are many reasons that are responsible for the corruption of Outlook 2007. Some of them are due to sending the over sized emails, virus infection is the big issue to corrupt the Outlook, improper shutdown of Outlook without following the recommended files, improper upgrade of Outlook, etc.

Due to all the above causes the main important item that will get inaccessible is Outlook inbox. The only solution to repair the Outlook 2007 is by using any recovering third party tool. Now the question arises is which inbox repair tool for Outlook 2007 should be used. In the current market the abundantly used repairing software is Outlook Inbox Tool.

This Outlook 2007 inbox repair tool is associated with advanced and easy interface that is capable of repairing the damaged files in an easy manner. To use this repairing software technical knowledge is not required and normal users of computers can access and finish the repair process easily.

The inbox repair tool is safe to use because it adopts the technique of read only, which means the damaged Outlook file is read without disturbing it and a new healthy Outlook file is created. So this process is safe and you can generate the new healthy repaired file using the demo version. The demo version is presented for the satisfaction of the users before buying the full version.

By using the demo version of this software, you should try to repair the damaged Outlook file and after getting satisfied you need to purchase the full version so that you can be able to save the repaired Outlook file, because only full version will enable you to save the repaired file, but not the demo version.

This repairing tool can be applied on different versions of Windows OS such as Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows XP. And also can be applied on many versions of Outlook, like Outlook 2000, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2013.

Software to Recover Data from Hard Drive on Windows and Mac

Hard Drive DataNow a day, data has become very important in the field of business and organization.  There are many different automated programs such as Mainframes which are coded to store the bulk amount of data. Hard drive is the key structure of computer device which is capable of storing different files in it. It is designed in such a manner that the stored data can be access at any time when they are required.Although, there are some cases in which you can’t find the stored files on hard drive. At this time, you may feel tensed because of losing important files due to unknown reasons. How to recover files from the hard drive? This question will makes you more complicated when you neglect even after knowing the fact that files has been lost from the drive. It is advisable not to perform any activity on the drive, if you found files are deleted or lost from the hard drive until or unless you recovered them.

If you are willing to perform hard drive recovery then there is an effective solution that is utilizing Drive Recovery Software, which is compatible to recover lost or deleted data from hard drive on both Windows and Mac operating systems. Let us have a look on the other features of this software.

Key Features of Drive Recovery Software:

  • Easy to use as it has intuitive interface to perform recovery of hard drive data
  • Complete device is scanned with its strong scanning algorithm
  • Capable of restoring more than 300 different files without any difficulty
  • Work with advanced ‘Save Recovery Session’ option intention to save the time of user while performing hard disk recovery.
  • Evaluate its performance to know how this utility works to carry out HDD recovery

These are only some features which are mentioned above, in addition to these features there are other features which really help users in recovering lost or deleted files from the hard drive with ease. Now let us see where this software is applicable, it means in which situations we can opt for this application to recover files from hard drive.

Where this Software is Applicable?

  • When the data is get lost from the hard drive due to the presence of bad sectors on the drive. Then you may required this utility in order to get back lost files form HDD.
  • Accidental format is another case in which all files are completely gets vanished from the drive. As formatting will swipe out the entire data from the storage place. So here this Drive Recovery Tool is applicable to recovered lost data from the hard drive.
  • File System corruption cause due to any reason may also result in same that is loss of files from the hard drive.
  • When the system contains anti-virus tools in order to prevent files from virus and also to improve the performance of computer, these tools will remove virus infected files without alarming the users about the same.

Preventive Tips:

  • Keep the backup ready of your important files
  • While deleting the unwanted files, ensure that you are deleting the correct one.

Review of ASUS ROG GX700 and G752

Aftershock W-15is a laptop which is incorporated with a desktop class Intel Core i7-4790K processor i.e. 4.0GHz, 8MB L3 cache and a graphics card specifying NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M. It impressed the users a lot, because the gaming performance was also greater boost from powerful graphics configuration.

GX700After that there was existence of MSI GT80 2QE SLI. It was associated with a full-fledged mechanical keyboard,a whopping four 128GB SSDs in RAID 0 and dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980Ms in SLI. Even it impressed a lot to the people and it was difficult to see how other laptop can compete this.

Finally there was introduction of the ASUS ROG GX700; it is a veritable beast of a laptop which contains the first ever overclockable mobile processor,a desktop-class NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980, an Intel Core i7-6820HK (2.7GHz, 8MB L3 cache), a whopping 64GB of DDR4 RAM and two M.2 512GB SSDs in RAID 0. These specifications were unbelievable to everyone. The world’s first liquid cooled notebook was ROG GX700 which has chilly temperatures, for both CPU and GPU it has overclocking headroom and the performance was excellent.

The CPU will be overlooked automatically by the dock quite aggressively, the CPU multiplieris boosted by 40 for a 4.0GHz of Turbo speed and a default of 2.7GHz base frequency is boosted.

The dock and GX700 are nestled in some dense, thick foam, which looks like ASUS. Possibly you should bring the notebook and its dock somewhere. And it’s a way to looks as if you have headed on the vacation when you are preferring for a LAN party.

Additionally in order to use as a reference in comparisons there is a benchmarked another new gaming notebooks of ASUS I.e. ROG G752. This notebook is not a slouch and it is equipped with the latest sixth-generation Intel Core i7-6700HQ processor with 2.6GHz, 6MB L3 cache, and it is also associated with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M card. Also it has a mechanical HDD with a 1TB and 7,200rpm and advance addition is with 16GB of DDR4 RAM.

Aside of the water cooling dock, it is embedded with two powerful and high end notebooks. The premium segment of gaming can be split into high end notebooks when it turns out.

About WiTricity’s Wireless Charging For Laptops

Over universal USB-C charging forget the hype. This wireless charging of your laptop will be the new hot topic this year. You can see the demos of the laptops that are being charged using WiTricity’s wireless charging technology. The typical inductive charging technology is been a fizzle on smartphones, but with the magnetic resonance technology, WiTricity thinks it has the edge, farther using magnetic fields it has been more powerful.

wirless-power-laptopIn electric toothbrushes the inductive charging is typically seen, in its inability to the beam through metal or dense materials it has a key weakness and also it requires very short distances.

A tightly coupled magnetic field is used by WiTricity to transmit power through metal, stone or even your head and it gives far higher output, due to this it makes better suited for laptops and it will draw more power than smartphones.

WiTricity modified two off the shelf laptops to charge wirelessly by plopping them onto charging pads the laptop is charged up to 30 watts and worked as expected. Which PC OEMs are going to adopt was not announced by WiTricity, but it is said that with actual laptops shipping several companies had climbed abroad this year.

If you guess, you could say that Dell is aboard, prominently on the prototype charging pad its corporate logo was featured.

A new tech is pointed out by the WiTricity points i.e. advantage has over the inductive charging that is used by smartphones is a much larger landing zone. You typically have to line up the device charger just right to get it to work with inductive charging. It was better with the WiTricity demo but it was not perfect. The charging pads in use are mostly a limitation at this stage though, but it is said by the company that there is no limit to for the surface largeness.

In future you can imagine your entire desk is a charging pad and the only efforts required charge your phone, eReader, laptop and smartwatch is to put them down.

The Near Future: Expecting Tech trends of 2016

2015 was a year, where we see the transformation of tech world to encompass “Internet of things”, accommodating connectivity across each and every devices which we are using daily. In such a point of view, cyber security was a real concern. Anyway, I am not going to dig in the past, only predicting some probable tech trends that can happen in 2016

Future Tech Trends of 2016

Here’s the list

  • Smartphones can become the central node to every activity.
  • Drones are supposed to use more in the public service.
  • Shift of more business processes towards VR and AR side.
  • Change in data protection laws.
  • A good place for robotics and AI for performing repetitive tasks.
  • A less intuition based real time data analytics.
  • Welcoming a hyper-connected world.
  • Top 10 tech trends affecting business in 2016.
  • More emphasis towards cyber security.
  • A store location based marketing which is more personalized.

Some more illustrations are needed for certain items in this list. The main thing, off course, is regarding cyber security. Several security experts form the industry are predicting, there can be a huge increase in ransomware attacks. Criminals are supposed to simply hack into your system to encrypt your data. They may demand ransom for decrypting it.

In the opinion of Hitesh Sheth, CEO of Vectra Networks, such a threat can be take place on a larger platform, concentrating more on enterprise level. Critical company assets can be held as hostages in return of unimaginable ransom. Growth of mobile payments systems are also supposed to create new fields for these hackers. Tom Patterson of Unisys warns about the unauthorized use of government-owned spy work capabilities for their own purposes against rogue intelligence officers.

Well. Let’s deviate from Cyber security for a while. Michele Franci, CEO of Inmarsat, foresees a much more different machine-to-machine tech material handling. Sorry, it is quite different from material handling that you are aware of. It is actually a different IoT spanning industrial applications like utility infrastructure monitoring and also various sectors like agriculture, health, meteorology, and off course, environmental research.

According to Tudor Aw, head of technology sector at consultancy KPMG, Internet of things may finally supposed to achieve momentum in 2016. It can vary from smart watches and other wearables that can be used for health and personal fitness.

Valerie Riffaud-Cangelosi, of Epson sees a bright future on AR over wearables. Workforce of humans- It is the term used by him that can be the outlook once we use the Augmented Reality over wearables to expand its potentials.


How to set up your new Windows PC in the right way?

If you buy a new Windows 10 PC and you can’t wait to get it up and running then just follow some instructions for getting your PC all ready for action.man typing on laptop with windows 10 screen

Setting things up

  • When you turn your new PC then on your screen you will find a series of questions with answers in drop down menus. Those questions will include various things such as which country you live in and what lang. you want to use, change the Time Zone which depends upon where you live, etc.
  • On the next screen you will have Microsoft’s terms of use. Click on Accept options.
  • Now on the next screen, you have to set up your Wi-Fi connection. Select the network you want to connect and enter the password to get online. If you don’t have a Wi-Fi network in range, click on Skip option to move on.
  • Then your system will ask you to make a new user account. Enter a name for the computer and password.
  • Once it over, then your system will run through a few loading screens and then after sometime it will get finished.93c3af0629727d28f04ea6271a3756d890f6ef8f

Change these settings

  • If you change some basic settings on your PC then your PC will ready to rock. First thing you raise is do display’s brightness level to its highest. If you do so then it will kill your battery as well as battery life.
  • Of course, keeping the display brightness at its highest setting will kill your battery, so if you are using laptop then keep the display brightness to low as possible.
  • To change sleep mode, first of all click on Notifications option in the bottom right corner of the screen and then go to All settings.
  • Choose System, then Power & sleep. You can change the no. of minutes to keep running before entering sleep mode on your system.

Download these apps

You can download Apps from the Windows Store which requires you to have a Microsoft account. When you open Windows Store then it will ask you whether you have an account or you want to create new one. Then run through the setup process if you have to, and then go back to the Windows Store app. Search and download Hulu, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, and log into your accounts.setting2

Essentials Tips for Google Chrome’s User

Google ChromeWhen you talk about the web browser, the most preferable and common name we may heard is none other than ‘Google Chrome’. On the different platforms, this web browser works in a descent manner. As there are not much issue and many people talks about its effective working.Even though it launch in 2008 by Google, it has been a great success story within short period of time. From the past few years, Google works on the Chrome continuously for adding excellent features. Due to its wide range of application, it is most preferable web browser. So in this article, I will let you know the essential tips which should keep in minds while use of Google Chrome.

Tricks to be known by the Every Google Chrome’s User

  1. Make Use Of Bookmark Bar:

Google Bookmark Bar is mainly use for saving the website address. From this, you need not require to go again website path. Just save the address of the website which seem you an important. This may help you in an easy access and also in less time you can go for the require website. It is an important feature which may helps you in saving time for browsing and many more.

  1. Enable Guest Mode:

Sometimes, you may not use your Computer or laptop as there is chance that you may have lent to other. Commonly you may not like that the others may use your Facebook and others private websites. You even don’t like that the guest may not view your URL’s suggestion in an Omni box. So learn how to enable guest mode. Google Chrome has an easy trick for this that you can enable guest mode by simply ticking the box under people in Settings. Click on your username and choose Switch Person from it and select Browser as Guest.

  1. Know about sites you visit:

Do you observe in the Omni box a little yellow icon that looks padlock or blank sheet of paper? May this thing wonder you as when you click on the icon you may know the visited web pages? It even shows more things like Credentials, origin of the site, existing cookies and also the permission that you may have previously granted.

Exercise Bike Becomes a Race Car in Virtual Reality

While you’re pedaling Boston startup VirZoom a new stationary bike requires an unusual accessory i.e. a virtual-reality headset, so that workout can be turned into a virtual adventure. It exactly looks like a traditional folding bike but the difference is the buttons and triggers scattered across its two handles.

This year a headset with several virtual reality for consumers is coming out. That includes Oculus’s anticipated Rift and applications like gaming are growing around. Including exercising, for rehabilitation virtual reality has long been used.

34553_1_a4870c0a58VirZoom cofounder and CEO Eric Janzsen challenged to race-car race inside the headset. You will learn to pedal faster to speed up my car and hug corners on tight turns. You will be forced to pedal harder to keep up the same pace.

In other game you may become Pegasus by flying through a world filled with trees and rolling hills. As hard as you pedal, the higher you will fly. This game is simple and you will be made to find coins and fly through them in order to gain energy. You will feel your legs growing tired over time.

Three forthcoming virtual-reality headsets (the Oculus Rift, Sony PlayStation VR, and HTC Vive) will be compatible with VirZoom initially. All of these three headsets track head movements to make the leaning motion translate into movement within the game. The fastness of your pedal will be tracked by the bike itself and based on what avatar you take on or what type of land you travel over, it can add more resistance.

“We move you through the world in proportion to your effort,” Janzsen says.

Eventually the platform will open up to developers, but the first five games from scratch is built in VirZoom because its team worries the types of motion in existing games could make users sick. Purchasing of the gears you need to buy the bike won’t be cheap and using it will be clunky. The cost of VirZoom is $250; the buyers also have to factor in the cost of a header. And to a powerful desktop computer, the Rift and Vive will need to be tethered, while the PlayStation VR will have to connect to a PlayStation 4. As of now the VirZoom is planning to sell bike to people who want to use it at home.

Easiest Way to Perform Data Recovery from Internal Hard Drive

Internal Hard Drive RecoveryInternal hard drives are composed of magnetic platters instead of flash storage chips that can be seen on an SSD or memory card. For the reason, these drives are more vulnerable to data corruption due to number of reasons. You cannot predict exact reasons for a hard drive failure under various situations. In this article, you will get to know some reasons which are accountable for the data loss from an internal hard drive partition. You will also get one of the most convenient ways for recovering internal hard drive data within few steps.

Common Reasons for Data Loss from an Internal Hard Drive

  • Unintended Formatting of a Partition: Every internal hard drive can be partitioned into multiple drives and each drive can be formatted with different file system. Sometimes, you may format a hard drive partition accidentally instead of any other partition. It is obvious that you will lose all your data from that partition due to this.
  • Drive Errors: The file system of an internal hard drive partition can be corrupted due to numerous errors like bad sectors, improper usage, power outages, etc. You will not be able to access data from partitions that contain a damaged file system. If you attempt to access such a drive, operating system may prompt you to format the drive.
  • Data Transfer Issues: Suppose you are transferring files from one of your internal hard drive partitions to an external device. If this transfer got interrupted, you may lose the files which are being transferred.

An Effective Way to Recover Files from an Internal Hard Drive Partition

Now, you can make use of Internal Hard Drive Recovery software to get back deleted or lost files from an internal hard drive partition. Demo version of this tool is freely available which you can download and use it on all the latest Windows or Mac systems. This tool supports different data transfer interfaces that has been using on an internal hard drive such as SATA, eSATA, IDE, SCSI, USB, Thunderbolt, FireWire, etc. It is compatible with file systems like exFAT, NTFS, FAT32, FAT16, HFS+, HFS, etc. You can preview recovered files using this recovery tool in a preview browser before actually saving them. You can save a recovery session at any point during recovery and this saved session can be loaded into the tool to resume recovery. Using this tool You can recover internal hard drive data from different hard drive brands like WD, Seagate, Transcend, Samsung, HGST, etc.

What are the pro and cons of USB 3.0?

Define USB:

A USB stands for Universal Serial Bus, is the most popular connector used by the latest electronic devices to connect a system to any devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, external hard drives and more. USB is supported by all the major operating systems. It is a plug and play device. When user attaches their USB device to the computer, it’s automatically installs the drivers which are needed to use it. Users can add and remove their USB device without having to restart the system.

advantages and disadvantages of usb 3.0Earlier, in USB device there are two versions one is USB 1.0 and another one is USB 2.0. The data transfer speed in USB 1.0 is up to 11 Mbps and was mostly utilized to connect mouse and keyboards. Whereas, in USB 2.0 data transfer rate is 480 Mbps. If you want to make use of advantage of USB 2.0 higher data transfer rate, then you need have installed ports on your system are of USB 2.0 also. If you want for more information and its advantages and disadvantages of USB 3.0 read on.

In today’s world, most of the computer users are keeping lots of data in gigabytes (GB) and they need to copy large number of files from one storage device to another. By utilizing USB 2.0 it takes more time to copy the data. Due to advancement in technologies we finally come up with its successor that is USB 3.0 and it is much faster than its predecessor (USB 2.0) and with some other additional improvements. So, let’s have a note on what are the advantages and disadvantages of USB 3.0:


USB 3.0 supports the data transfer rate up to 5 GB/s (gigabytes per second) and is the latest version of the Universal Serial Bus. In addition to the high data transfer rate, USB 3.0 is optimized for low power consumption and protocol efficiency is also improved. USB 3.0 follows an asynchronous mechanism that is, user can send and receive data simultaneously (Full duplex), one to receive data and another one to transmit where in USB 2.0 can only handle only one direction of data at any time. It uses power consumption up to 900 mA which allows better power efficiency with less power for idle states. It can power more devices from one hub.


The disadvantage of USB 3.0 is that, user need to have a USB 3.0 port on their system to make use of high speed data transfer features. Because naturally all the electronic devices are having USB 2.0 port installed in it. Magnetic hard disks are limited by their read or write speed and corresponding RPM. The USB 3.0 is incompatible with USB 1.1 and the maximum cable length of USB 3.0 is 3 meters when compared to the 5 meters of USB 2.0.