Methods to Mend Broken RAR File

Every Windows operating user makes use of archiving tool to compress and decompress large files in concern to reduce the file size to transfer them over internet via email accounts. RAR archiving tool was developed in RARLAB by well know programmer by Eugene Roshal and has been named after his name as Roshal Archive (RAR). At present there are many more versions of WINRAR applications such as 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, etc.

Later versions of WINRAR archiving tools are added with many advance features which helps user protect their archived files with password ensuing high end security. You may archive any type of data file like images, official documents, video clips, large sized software, and many more. Surely, these file will be very significant to you and losing the data within these archive due to any damage or corruption will definitely place you in worrying condition to repair broken RAR file.

In a particular situation like you may be using a Windows OS based system in which you have stored all your significant RAR archives. Later on you copied some files on the storage area where all these RAR archives are stored. After some time you have tried to open RAR files but suddenly you experienced all the RAR files are converted in to shortcuts and you are unable to access the data within it. This is all because of invasion of virus infection into your system because of copying files from corrupted computer system. These harmful viruses may also invade into your system through downloads or installation of unrecognized files via internet. This particular scenario is most general scenario faced by many RAR archive users globally.

Apart from corruption of RAR files due to virus infection you may also experience corruption or damage of RAR archive due to altering or changing the file extension of RAR archive. While archiving file with WINRAR software if you change the file extension from .rar to .RAR then this action will result into broken file structure of RAR file.

Some of the best attributes of RAR repair software are:

  • This application is inbuilt with dominant algorithm to repair broken RAR file due to scenarios mentioned above with an ease.
  • This hassle free application also fix the RAR archives corrupted or broken on account of CRC error, third party tool faults, sudden system shut down, interrupted transfer process, and so on without any difficulty within fraction of time.
  •  This awesome RAR repair software supports repair of RAR archives manufactured with many variety of RAR archiving software with different versions, and also provides easy fixing of RAR file corrupted and damaged which are protected with password.
  •  This tool helps you to safely recover all the files from corrupted RAR archive after repair process, and you can preview each file to examine its correctness before saving them on any other storage devices.
  • After satisfaction of technical process of this application, you need to activate demo edition of this software to full version in order to save the repaired RAR files.

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