How to set up your new Windows PC in the right way?

If you buy a new Windows 10 PC and you can’t wait to get it up and running then just follow some instructions for getting your PC all ready for typing on laptop with windows 10 screen

Setting things up

  • When you turn your new PC then on your screen you will find a series of questions with answers in drop down menus. Those questions will include various things such as which country you live in and what lang. you want to use, change the Time Zone which depends upon where you live, etc.
  • On the next screen you will have Microsoft’s terms of use. Click on Accept options.
  • Now on the next screen, you have to set up your Wi-Fi connection. Select the network you want to connect and enter the password to get online. If you don’t have a Wi-Fi network in range, click on Skip option to move on.
  • Then your system will ask you to make a new user account. Enter a name for the computer and password.
  • Once it over, then your system will run through a few loading screens and then after sometime it will get finished.93c3af0629727d28f04ea6271a3756d890f6ef8f

Change these settings

  • If you change some basic settings on your PC then your PC will ready to rock. First thing you raise is do display’s brightness level to its highest. If you do so then it will kill your battery as well as battery life.
  • Of course, keeping the display brightness at its highest setting will kill your battery, so if you are using laptop then keep the display brightness to low as possible.
  • To change sleep mode, first of all click on Notifications option in the bottom right corner of the screen and then go to All settings.
  • Choose System, then Power & sleep. You can change the no. of minutes to keep running before entering sleep mode on your system.

Download these apps

You can download Apps from the Windows Store which requires you to have a Microsoft account. When you open Windows Store then it will ask you whether you have an account or you want to create new one. Then run through the setup process if you have to, and then go back to the Windows Store app. Search and download Hulu, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, and log into your accounts.setting2

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