How to retrieve data from External hard disk

Data or files are stored in the hard drive of our computer. However, the need to store more and more data is increasing day by day and thus the user uses secondary storage devices to store their important data or additional files. Thus there comes a need of external hard drives which are used popularly to maintain backup of your important data.

External hard drive is a storage device where you store your valuable data and also you can use it whenever you want. These external storage drives are portable and can be carried anywhere you go with capacity of approximately 1 TB. Most of the people believe that external hard drives are always safe to store their important data. But that’s not the case; there are instances where even these external hard drives get corrupted and cause loss of data.

Suppose you connected an external hard disk to your computer. You were working on some important project related to your business deal which you stored earlier on external HDD. Because of improper power supply your computer turned off improperly. Then when you turned on your computer and connected the drive once again you were unable to access it as your FAT table was corrupted. FAT is the most important component of hard drive which helps in start up of an operating system. So any corruption to this causes loss of data by making the hard disk data inaccessible. This must be the heartbreaking moment as the data was related to your project. Now you must be worried about how to recover files from external hard drive?

In such a case you do not need to be panic!!! You can use powerful data recovery software to get back your lost data from external HDD.

Apart from the above mentioned data loss situation you can also face some more data loss situation in your future.

Common data loss scenarios:

  • Files from external hard drives can be deleted accidentally when connected to computer for accessing files and folders.
  • The user may also face data loss due to bad sectors created on your external hard disk.
  • Due to errors in re-partitioning process will not allow the user to access the partitions and lead to data loss.
  • Formatting the external hard disk drive accidentally or intentionally to make your system free of virus could also result in loss of data.
  • Sometimes viruses such as computer Worm, Trojan horse etc. damage a file. While the anti-virus scanning process, some of the damaged files are not repaired this causes deletion of files.
  • Files may also get deleted from Windows operating system by accidentally pressing Shift + delete. The files can also get deleted or lost because of mishandling of the external hard drive.

These external hard disks are portable devices which are mainly used to keep backup of data, loss of such data matters a lot. In such a situation, avoid using the external HDD immediately after data loss for adding new data. In the event if you add new data it will overwrite the old data and makes the data recovery impossible.

Precautionary steps to be followed

  • Use voltage regulator to prevent data loss during power failure.
  • You should keep the backup of your important files before formatting/ reformatting the external hard disk.
  • You should update your computer by using anti-virus software to protect it from malware attack.
  • Remove external hard drive with proper exit option.

You can overcome these data loss scenarios from external hard disk on windows operating system by making use of good recovery tool. External hard disk recovery tool recover external hard disk data which is deleted or lost because of formatting or accidentally deleting the files.

This tool can be used to recover files from external drives such as USB hard drive, memory card, FireWire drive etc. This software supports recovery files from formatted external drives/ volumes on both Windows and Mac operating system. This utility is helpful to retrieve lost files from crashed hard drive due to bad sectors without damaging the source file. This software uses advanced scanning algorithm to identify and restore lost data file types from external HDD. You can restore data from SATA, ATA, SCAI, and IDE hard drive types and supports different hard drive brands such as Scan disk, Transcend, Kingston, Seagate, Lexar etc. By using this tool you will be able to recover media files like pictures, video clips, audio files and RAW photo file formats from different removable drives.

This software can easily perform data recovery on external hard drives in few simple steps.

First download and install free version the external drive recovery tool. Now run the software and select appropriate recovery options which you face while using the software. Once your process is completed you can check the performance of the tool and if you are happy with the results you can buy its full form available online.

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