How to Convert Outlook OST to PST File?

MS Outlook application has two types of file Offline Storage Table (OST) and Personal Storage Table (PST). OST files allows you to work even you are not connected to your exchange server and it will synchronize itself with your exchange server mailbox when you get online.PST files can be stored anywhere in your computer and it is much easier for you to keep backup copy of your PST files. There are several disadvantages of OST hence it is necessary to convert OST files to PST files in order to overcome the limitations. Converting OST to PST is one of the most useful tools to convert OST files with few mouse clicks. This software is compatible with all the latest versions of Outlook such as 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. It performs read only operations ensures the safety of original OST file. Converting OST to PST is most recommended software that converts OST file into PST file without any issue.

Reasons to convert OST file into PST file

Virus Attack: A virus is small program to perform certain task to amend OST file. If similar action happen on system, then virus enter into the system. Then it results in deletion or loss of OST files.

Improper closing: Most often, OST files get corrupted if it is closed abruptly. Due to abrupt closing of Outlook application there is high possibility that OST files get corrupted. Hence to overcome such condition it is necessary to convert OST file.

Incomplete Installation: Improper installation of application is another reason for conversion of OST file into PST file. If any error occurs during installation, reinstallation or upgrading of Outlook application then there is high risk that OST files get corrupted.

Oversize Issue: The size limit of OST files is limited to some extent in each and every version of MS Outlook. When the file size of OST file exceeds the limited file size, then it may result in corruption of OST file.

Network Problem: During OST to PST conversion if there is power failure then the conversion process get interrupted. As a result of which OST file get corrupted and user is not able to access those files.

You can use this tool to recover above mentioned scenarios within few simple steps.

Features of Converting OST to PST Tool

  • OST-PST Converter tool is an advance tool which is installed easily on all the latest version of Windows.
  • This software is compatible with all the version of Microsoft Outlook.
  • OST-PST Converter tool requires very less space for installation of this application.
  • This software is capable in recovering all the attributes of Outlook files such as emails, calendars, organizers, notes, reminders, etc.
  • Demo version is available so that user can test the effectiveness of this application before purchasing. It is 100% trustworthy and secure application since it is free from virus/malware attack.
  • It is easy to convert password protected OST files using OST-PST Converter tool.
  • OST-PST Converter tool is one the fastest application to perform conversion from Offline Storage Table to Personal Storage Table in few simple steps without any issues.

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