Here’s How You Can Recover Photos from SD Card

SD Card is one of the most popular types of memory card which are widely used to store data or transfer data from device to your computer. Many of us use SD card everyday to store pictures, documents, messages etc. And it may make users feel sad when there is loss of data from SD card. However as SD card is becoming more and more popular, it is common to face some photos which have lost from SD card. To solve this issue there is a tool to recover your lost images called photo recovery from SD card. Where this SD card photo recovery software is also able to restore almost all kinds of file types including, Pictures, photos, videos, audios, documents, email etc.

What happens when you lose a photo from the device?

Usually, if photos are deleted or removed from a location, many users will think that the photo is completely deleted from the storage device. But in reality it’s not true. The image remains in the same location of the storage medium, but only the file address pointer which is used to access the file gets deleted. Due to this your Operating System will not be able to locate the file. Because of this files become inaccessible, such files can be recovered easily with the help of recovery software. Before using this software, you should make sure that not to overwrite the space where photo has been deleted otherwise it may cause permanent data loss.

Situations which causes loss of Photos:

  • Formatting drive accidentally:The common problem among all users is formatting memory card. While using SD card without knowing you may accidentally select format option, which leads to deletion of photos that are saved on the SD card.
  • Improper file transfer:  Transfer of file is one of the most important cause that brings about data sharing. When you are transferring your photo from one device to another, during this process if you come across any interruption, then all your images will be lost.
  • Sudden Drive Ejection:Digital photos on cameras are generally saved on memory cards. Memory cards are very sensitive, you will have to handle it carefully. If there is any abrupt ejection of memory card from your system, this may lead to loss photos from that storage device.
  • Deleting photos from camera when it is connected on Windows system will make those files to bypass Recycle Bin
  • After connecting your camera or its memory device to Windows computer, if you run any un-trusted antivirus program, it may cause deletion of photos without users notice

 Special features of this recovery software:

  • Customized “Find Tool” which helps to find files on recovered data list efficiently
  • It has Powerful scan engine which helps to analyze and recover all your lost data from every single drive carefully
  • Provides unique built-in algorithms, which recovers all digital media file formats
  • Recovers all multimedia files from SATA/IDE / SCSI hard disk drives, iPods, Mp3 players, USB hard drives, SD Cards, Memory sticks, etc.
  • You can preview files easily before restoring your file with the help of preview option using this SD card photo recovery software.

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