HDD Recovery Tool

HDD is the abbreviation for Hard Disk Drive that are present in almost all the computers. These hard disk drives are capable of storing almost all types of files and you can access them easily without much effort. You have to be clearly prepared to encounter unexpected data loss from your hard disk drive. The best protection against data loss it to keep a backup of all those files safely in a separate place, as this data loss scenario can quietly hit your back and even before you realize it there will be loss of data from your hard drive. Use this external hdd recovery tool and perform the recovery of all the information that was stored in it.

 These are some of the scenarios that cause loss of data and other important files from your HDD:

Fragmentation Error: Fragmentation is the process of arranging the data that is present in the hard drives so that it does not remain scattered but stay in a arranged order. This is one of the most common reasons that cause loss of file from your external hard disk drive. Sudden loss of power or halt of the application during the fragmentation process causes loss of all the files that were saved in your external hard disk. Hence the user must be careful and use the right application which supports his system to perform the fragmentation procedure.

Abrupt Removal of the external hard drive: Removing the external hard drive abruptly when there is transfer of files from the system in to the hard drive causes loss of files that were being transferred. Hence the user must be careful during the process of file transfer and shouldn’t remove the drive abruptly.

These are some of the most useful features of this drive recovery tool:

  • Effectively restores the files and folders that were accidentally deleted or lost.
  • File Type View and Data View are the formats in which the files are listed after the completion of the recovery process.
  • Compress the recovered files to save disk space.
  • Preview the recovered file before saving them on the desired location.

This recovery utility has been loaded with advanced features which were developed by highly skilled software professionals. Using this application you can instantly identify and recover more than 300 types of files which include documents, spreadsheets, email archives, zip archives and many other types of information based on their unique signatures. With the help of this tool you can Disk image files to bypass bad sectors and to later recover the data from these disk image files. You can also use the special option that has been provided which supports to recover files with Alternate data streams attribute from NTFS drive.

The external hard drives get corrupted as result of many scenarios and the most popular one among them is when the user tries to install multiple operating systems in the same computer. You need not worry about the loss of files. This is just a temporary loss and the files are saved in the same location as they were present only the links that were associated with these files have been removed. The user can effectively restore corrupted external hard drive files by using the services of this drive recovery application.

FAT32 partition is the most common partitions that are present in the external hard drives and other external storage devices. These partitions effectively support the storage of almost all types of files in your external hard drive. As the data present in the external hard disk is constantly shared there are many chances that there will be deletion of files as result of several reasons. Need not worry you can restore deleted files from FAT32 partition with the help of this file recovery tool.

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