Follow the Procedure to Recover Lost or Deleted Files from USB Drive

Hello Friends! I was transferring some of the important files to my USB flash Drive from the computer. While the process was taking place, I ejected my USB Drive from the computer before it get finished. Now, I am unable to find any of the transferred data in my USB Drive. Somebody suggest me how to recover USB files that got deleted due to improper ejection of USB drive”

USB Drives are storage devices that are connected externally to the computers. Since it is handy and has a higher storage capacity, you may keep most of their data in the external hard disk. But in some occasions, the files, which are stored in your USB hard disk may get deleted or lost due to some reasons. At that time, instead of worrying, just believe that recovering deleted files from USB drive is not a difficult task. USB file recovery can be done completely with the help of Recover USB File software. Some of the common scenarios of data loss in an external USB Drive are as follows:

  • Improper Ejection: In some cases, you may directly eject your USB Drive without using “Safely Remove hardware” option. At that time, there are chances for your files to get lost.

  • Physical Damage: Since USB drive is connected outside the computer, it may easily get damaged. Damage of USB drive due to fire and water is an example.

  • Accidental Formatting of USB Drive: Take the situation as, you have completed your hard disk use and about to eject it. Instead of choosing “eject” option you chose “format” option. At that time, your data got deleted from your USB drive.

  • Header File Corruption: Sometimes, the header file of the USB drive may get corrupt due to some reasons. This header file corruption may lead to data loss from the USB drive.

  • Improper Formatting: Formatting your USB drive without proper back up may result in permanent deletion of data from the it.

  • Other Reasons for Data Loss: There are other reasons like bad sectors, file system damage, abrupt shutdown of the system at the time of operating hard disk, etc. may result in permanent deletion of data from the hard disk.

Features of this Recovery Tool:

Recover USB File software recovers more than 280 types of files. It can recover your deleted data from RAID1, RAID0 and RAID5 partitions using this Tool. This tool creates disk images to protect the data from bad sectors. Deleted RAW images, that are captured by professional cameras can be recovered with the help of this tool. This tool can recover data from different types of hard disk, memory card, USB drives, etc. With the help of this tool you can recover files from partitions that are not getting mounted.

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