Essentials Tips for Google Chrome’s User

Google ChromeWhen you talk about the web browser, the most preferable and common name we may heard is none other than ‘Google Chrome’. On the different platforms, this web browser works in a descent manner. As there are not much issue and many people talks about its effective working.Even though it launch in 2008 by Google, it has been a great success story within short period of time. From the past few years, Google works on the Chrome continuously for adding excellent features. Due to its wide range of application, it is most preferable web browser. So in this article, I will let you know the essential tips which should keep in minds while use of Google Chrome.

Tricks to be known by the Every Google Chrome’s User

  1. Make Use Of Bookmark Bar:

Google Bookmark Bar is mainly use for saving the website address. From this, you need not require to go again website path. Just save the address of the website which seem you an important. This may help you in an easy access and also in less time you can go for the require website. It is an important feature which may helps you in saving time for browsing and many more.

  1. Enable Guest Mode:

Sometimes, you may not use your Computer or laptop as there is chance that you may have lent to other. Commonly you may not like that the others may use your Facebook and others private websites. You even don’t like that the guest may not view your URL’s suggestion in an Omni box. So learn how to enable guest mode. Google Chrome has an easy trick for this that you can enable guest mode by simply ticking the box under people in Settings. Click on your username and choose Switch Person from it and select Browser as Guest.

  1. Know about sites you visit:

Do you observe in the Omni box a little yellow icon that looks padlock or blank sheet of paper? May this thing wonder you as when you click on the icon you may know the visited web pages? It even shows more things like Credentials, origin of the site, existing cookies and also the permission that you may have previously granted.

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