Easy way to recover Mac partition data

Macintosh operating system that is operated only on Apple computers and other Apple products has gained popularity because of its GUI based user friendly features. As all know that data on a computer will be stored on internal hard drive of the system and these system hard drives will be partitioned into separate sections called volumes that are independent of each other section. Each partition on a hard drive will be of different storage capacity that is user defined and the file system can also be different for each partition.

The various file systems that is supported on Macintosh systems are HFS, HFSX, HFS+, HPFS, etc. The Mac volumes can store multiple data files and folders like documents, media files, program files, games, zip files, rar files and many more. But these data can be lost under various situations that will cost you severe data loss. Assume a situation wherein you accidentally deleted a partition on your Mac system during re-formatting the partitions. The partition contained many important data files and you do not posses any backup of those data. In this situation if you urge to restore deleted partition on your Mac system, you need to go for good data recovery software programs for partition recovery on Mac. The partition data on Mac can be lost in many other ways too. Some of them could be as mentioned below:

  • Hard drive partition format: When you format any partition on the hard drive, the formatted partition data will be removed completely in such a way that even though the data is still there on the same partition OS fails to track those data. So if you accidentally format any partition with no backup, then your data will be certainly lost.
  • Apple Partition Map – All the information of Mac volumes will be held by Partition Map that is much similar to Partition Table of Windows system hard drives. Partition Map holds all the important and crucial data of partitions and thus any damage to the Partition Map will lead to partition corruption and hence the data will be lost.
  • Partition loss due to third party influence: Installation of any third party software programs on your Mac system may cause damage to the existing data files on system hard drive, so the data becomes inaccessible. Also there are certain times wherein due to these third party influences some partition gets deleted and thus causing data loss.
  • File system corruption:  File system holds all the crucial information of the data files and folders that are stored on the hard drive or the partition and also it manages how the data has to be stored on the drive. If file system gets corrupt due to re-format or due to errors while installing the operating system, etc. then you cannot access any of the data files on that hard drive partition and thus you come across data loss.
  • Hard drive crash: Hard drive crash occurs when there is continues power surge to the system, or when the operating system is not installed in good manner or due to presence of more bad sectors on the drive. So if the hard drive crashes then all the partition data will be completely lost.

In all the partition loss situations you can restore back the data with the help of partition recovery program one of which is mentioned over here, http://www.macpartitionrecovery.com/. The software is capable of recovering all types of data from hard drives on Mac. If you want to precisely restore partition data that is accidentally deleted on Mac system then try out this software, http://www.macpartitionrecovery.com/deleted.html. The software effectively restores all types of deleted partition data. Some of the useful features of these recovery utilities are:

  • The software efficiently recovers all the data files that are deleted from various Mac partitions
  • Proficiently restores all the lost data from partitions and hard drives with HFS, HFSX, HFS+ file systems
  • Restores files from partitions that are corrupt, formatted, re-formatted or damaged on Mac system
  • Also performs complete recovery of deleted partition

The software effectively restores all the data types on Mac system hard drives and can be used on most versions of Mac OS like Snow Leopard, Leopard and Lion. The software can be downloaded from the sites specified above.


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