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Know How to Perform Pen Drive Data Recovery with Ease

Pen drive is a portable device used to store and transfer data from one computer to another. This small portable storage device can store different types of files or folders such as audio, video, images, PDF files, PowerPoint, Spreadsheets, Word file, etc. Since these Pen drives are used on different computers, there may be chance of getting corruption, which causes loss of data from Pen drive. Moreover, data loss from Pen drive is happen due to some other reasons such as virus attack, accidental deletion, etc. Hence, data loss from pen drive could be a big problem for anyone. So, in case if you lose data from Pen drive, do not get panic.

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Recovery deleted data from Pen drive is not a very big deal and you have to only make use of a reliable data recovery software. The most useful and best available tool which is used for recovering deleted Pen drive data is Pen Drive Data Recovery Software. This software is made up of advanced scanning algorithm, which scan the whole Pen drive in few minutes and easily recover the deleted data.

Reason behind deletion of data from pen drive:

  • In order to access free space in pen drive, most of users remove some unwanted and useless files, while doing this they accidentally delete some important data along with useless data, this can lead to severe data loss
  • While transferring data from removal drive to computer and vice versa, any sort of interruption can causes the data loss problem
  • Abrupt ejection of removal of mass storage device while transferring the data will leads to loss of data
  • Apart from the given reasons there are some other causes which results in data loss from Pen drive are bad sectors, file system corruption, header file corruption, etc.

In case, if you face any of the given reasons you can easily employ to Pen Drive Data Recovery software. You can retrieve your deleted data from Pen drive unless and until it is not overwritten with some new data.

Features of Pen Drive Data Recovery software:

This software is a read only tool which helps in recovering deleted data from Pen drive without changing original file format. It recovers deleted data on the basis of their unique signature. Using this software, the recovered data can be sort on the basis of name, size, creation date, type, etc. It has the ability to get back more than 280 files. Apart from data recovery from Pen drive you can also restore deleted data from hard drive, flash drive, FireWire drive, SD card, XD card, MMC card, iPods, CF card, thumb drive, etc. with utmost ease. With the help of this software you are facilitated to preview all the recovered data from Pen drive and other drives.  It restores deleted data from different brands of Pen drive such as Sony, SanDisk, Transcend, HP, etc.

Follow the Procedure to Recover Lost or Deleted Files from USB Drive

Hello Friends! I was transferring some of the important files to my USB flash Drive from the computer. While the process was taking place, I ejected my USB Drive from the computer before it get finished. Now, I am unable to find any of the transferred data in my USB Drive. Somebody suggest me how to recover USB files that got deleted due to improper ejection of USB drive”

USB Drives are storage devices that are connected externally to the computers. Since it is handy and has a higher storage capacity, you may keep most of their data in the external hard disk. But in some occasions, the files, which are stored in your USB hard disk may get deleted or lost due to some reasons. At that time, instead of worrying, just believe that recovering deleted files from USB drive is not a difficult task. USB file recovery can be done completely with the help of Recover USB File software. Some of the common scenarios of data loss in an external USB Drive are as follows:

  • Improper Ejection: In some cases, you may directly eject your USB Drive without using “Safely Remove hardware” option. At that time, there are chances for your files to get lost.

  • Physical Damage: Since USB drive is connected outside the computer, it may easily get damaged. Damage of USB drive due to fire and water is an example.

  • Accidental Formatting of USB Drive: Take the situation as, you have completed your hard disk use and about to eject it. Instead of choosing “eject” option you chose “format” option. At that time, your data got deleted from your USB drive.

  • Header File Corruption: Sometimes, the header file of the USB drive may get corrupt due to some reasons. This header file corruption may lead to data loss from the USB drive.

  • Improper Formatting: Formatting your USB drive without proper back up may result in permanent deletion of data from the it.

  • Other Reasons for Data Loss: There are other reasons like bad sectors, file system damage, abrupt shutdown of the system at the time of operating hard disk, etc. may result in permanent deletion of data from the hard disk.

Features of this Recovery Tool:

Recover USB File software recovers more than 280 types of files. It can recover your deleted data from RAID1, RAID0 and RAID5 partitions using this Tool. This tool creates disk images to protect the data from bad sectors. Deleted RAW images, that are captured by professional cameras can be recovered with the help of this tool. This tool can recover data from different types of hard disk, memory card, USB drives, etc. With the help of this tool you can recover files from partitions that are not getting mounted.

Best Way to Restore deleted Videos from Pen Drive

Don’t you know how to recover deleted videos from pen drive? Are you looking for a solution to restore deleted videos from pen drive? If you say Yes, then no need to worry; since you are landed at the right place to know the best solution to get back deleted videos from pen drive in simple way with the use of third party recovery application.

USB Recovery Tool is one of the best applications to carry out deleted video recovery from pen drive with safe and secure way. This application is specially designed to restore all formats of video files from storage devices including pen drive, memory card, hard drive, external hard drive, iPod, etc. It supports various brands of pen drives such as HP, Transcend, Kingston, Moserbaer, Data Traveler, Sony, etc.

Pen drives storage devices does a tremendous job in data transferring from one system to other and it is famous because of data portability feature. Pen drive memory size ranges from 2GB to 32GB and it provides easy means of accessing its contents by connecting into any system quickly.  But you may lose your essential data stored in Pen drive due to accidental deletion while deleting unwanted files from it to make free space. Apart from deletion process, there are many reasons behind the loss of important video files from pen drive. They are..

  • Formatting pen drive: Sometimes when you connect your pen drive to a system that prompts a message “Inaccessible pen drive. Format it”. In this case, if you agreed for formatting pen drive without having proper data backup from it will result in loss of all data stored in it.
  • Abrupt removal pen drive: Sometimes you use a pen drive to move data from system for data portability and accessing it whenever needs by connecting to system. But after transferring files to pen drive if you ejected pen drive out from a system without using safe remove option then it may result in inaccessible pen drive and this leads to loss of all data stored in it.
  • Interrupting file transfer process: You can loss files from pen drive while transferring files from system to pen drive and vice versa, if you interrupt the process by ejecting connected pen drive abruptly, sudden system shutdown, etc.
  • Virus attacks: This is one of the major reason behind loss of video files from pen drive because devices can easily infected from virus threats after connecting to an infected system, storing infected data, etc. Once virus threats enter pen drive, starts corrupting file stored in it. Later, files hide from memory after their file structure got damage by them.

You may lose videos files from pen drive due to any of above-mentioned scenario.  However, no need to worry after losing video files, because you can easily recover them with the use of USB Recovery tool. This application recovers all formats of video files from pen drive irrespective of reasons behind it, such as AVI, MP4, MOV, MPEG, MPG, M4V, 3G2, 3GP, RM, etc. Apart from videos, it can also recover documents, pictures, songs and other various file formats in few simple steps.

Important features of application are

  • User-friendly, safe, secure and quick video recovery application
  • Recovers all files formats from pen drive including documents, pictures, songs, etc
  • Displays all recoverable video files in File Type View and Data View format prior to actual data process
  • Completely free from virus threats
  • Allows you to compress restored video files
  • Allows you to store restored files to any storage disk
  • Free technical assistance is provided for you to solve issues regarding recovery process

Note: Demo version of this product is also available to you and can download from websites. This demo version helps you to check application capability in recovering deleted and lost video files from pen drive. In addition, it allows you to view all recovered files in File Type View and Data View format.

Tips to follow:

  • Use pen drive in an appropriate way
  • Always eject pen drive from connected system using safe remove option
  • Do not store virus-infected data in pen drives
  • Make use of UPS to avoid sudden system termination
  • Have proper data backup of files in multiple storage locations

Best method to recover deleted files from USB drive

A USB drive is an external removal drive, and it is useful for storing data. USB can store all kind of data such as movies, project files, business files, photos etc. The storage capacity of USB drive ranges from megabytes for some gigabytes. But sometime file in USB drive accidentally get deleted and results loss of data. Accidental deletion of data is extremely prevalent problem, as everyday life is going busy day by day as people don’t have enough time to follow safety measures.

In-spite of accidental deletion many reasons exist for data loss USB drive like:

  • Deletion of important files from USB drives by alternative party tool like antivirus
  • Corruption of Master Boot Record resulting USB drives crash/ Data loss
  • Infected USB drive fails to mount/connect to the PC
  • Corrupted system can delete a number of your important files from your USB drive.
  • Incomplete file transferring may delete some of your important files as a result

Precautions can assist you to avoid data loss problem. So don’t be careless and follow some precautions, it’s going to protect from severe data loss.

  • Use of good antivirus program for the security purpose and also to avoid virus attack
  • Use trust worthy power source in order to avoid fluctuation in voltage and improper system shutdown.
  • Don’t remove your USB drive forcefully from your PC or laptop
  • Never eject your USB drive during file transfer process

It is possible to recover data or files from the infected/irrecoverable/crashed USB drive. For your, make use of recovery software. Choose software, which is in a position to recover data loss during Re-formatting, re-partitioning crashed USB drives. Recover USB application is the best tool for recovering lost or deleted files from USB drive. With this particular tool you can even restore folders/files from USB drives having bad sectors.

Most people are unaware with this undeniable fact that recovery of delete file is achievable. Since they truly realize that once we any file through the use of shift+ delete option will skip from bin and that we can’t retrieve it back. However, this isn’t correct, if you delete any file from the system by using shift delete choices not permanently get deleted only the pointer which holds its address are removed. You can now easily recover it back by utilizing suitable recovery tool.

Here is the best recovery software for Windows or Mac Operating-system. USB recovery tool can easily recover USB files, in its original form as it was before recovery. In addition, it recovers data, which can be deleted or inaccessible in the pen drive. It also recovers data from flash memory cards, USB external drives, FireWire Drives, iPods. Recovered data can be sort on the basis of name, size, and file extension.

You can try trial version of this tool, which you can download online. With this tool you easily operate on all major version of Windows based pc such as XP/2007/Vista. If the outcome of demo version is satisfactory then you can download full version of this tool to recuperate your USB data, which you accidentally deleted.