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Well-known Tool to Recuperate PST File Over 2GB

If you work with earlier versions of Microsoft Outlook regularly then you certainly come to know the fact that PST file has got the maximum size limit of 2GB which means that up to this limit you are able to store all of your characteristics like emails, calendars, tasks, journals, visits, notes, etc. When you are storing large numbers of files on this PST file then there arises a problem for space for storage that might cross its maximum storage capacity. Frequently you may encounter this PST over sizing issues, such situations corruption issues strikes an Outlook and various problems begin to arise.

How this PST file will get oversized?

MS Outlook 2002 and other lower versions have the size limit of PST file to 2GB. PST file exceed its maximum storage capacity of 2GB size limitation when you begin stuffing more quantity of files without examining the status from the file. Furthermore this case may also arise whenever a particular file isn’t removed for a long time period. Oversize from the PST file also happens whenever you store many unnecessary files, large accessories in emails, etc. If this PST file crosses its limit then you’ll not have the ability to access your Outlook or add any new data in it. MS Outlook does not have a solution with this problem, the only method to solve this problem is to apply this 2GB PST repair tool to recuperate PST file over 2GB.

Once the PST file will get oversized you may encounter a few of the errors and symptoms as pointed out below

When you try to gain access to an oversized PST file then you definitely encounter the error message displayed as “.pst file can’t be accessed” or “errors happen to be detected within the .pst file”, etc. Whenever you try adding any new files about this oversized PST file then your following error messages are displayed like “file cannot be included to the folder, this course of action can’t be complete” or file .pst has arrived at its maximum size”, etc. Consequently of the event the issue for example syncing and inaccessibility from the files turns into a common problem.

How you can recover PST file over 2GB?

Microsoft Outlook oversized PST file will make you disgust and frustration if it’s not solved inside a time. Because it also leads to corruption of PST through which you lose large amount of information saved in it. In such an instances just prefer this professional Outlook PST file repair software that effectively repairs oversized Outlook PST file effortlessly and open the retrieved Outlook file.

Salient features that come with this oversized PST repair software

  • Has a sophisticated in- built formula that repairs corrupted PST file when scanpst.exe does not repair.
  • Easily repairs broken PST file when it is password protected.
  • Effectively retrieves corrupted PST file triggered because of compression.
  • Previews data before actual recovery.
  • Supports to repair oversized PST file on several versions of Windows OS.