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How to Repair Corrupted PSD?


 With the advent of technology, clicking images is an inseparable part. We like to share each and every moment of our lives, so that it can be cherished after on. Adding effects to our images in order to enhance the quality of the image can   be very easily done via Photoshop which offers several filters and effects.

Worried about how to repair corrupted PSD file? Here’s an impeccable solution towards repairing corrupt PSD files. The Repair PSD provides a user-friendly interface, using advanced algorithms to repair corrupted PSD which is freely available throughout the internet.

 Let’s know something about PSD files

PSD abbreviated as Photoshop document which stores an image which support most of the imaging variations available in Photoshop. The variations include transparency, text, mask layers, alpha channels and duotone settings. A PSD format due to its popularity are supported by Photoshop and in contrast to other file formats the PSD files can be imported from other Adobe applications (Illustrator, Premiere Pro) which are required to make professional DVD, editing and adding special effects to enhance the image content.

 This is how to know the PSD files are corrupted

  • The “importer reported a generic error” error is displayed while importing from other versions of the same.
  • Unexpected End of File is displayed when the last part of the document file is corrupted which may be due to incomplete transfer or any other.
  • Bitdepth is not supported is encountered while attempting to import jpeg, tiff or any other format and thus importing any files is not possible.
  • Internal error code (1682591070:1745+15) is the error code displayed while importing puppets.
  • Not a valid Photoshop document
  • Can’t save file due to program error is displayed while trying to merge a layer with the original locked layer does not save the files.
  • Error PSD file is not compatible to this version of Photoshop.

 Why Repair PSD to fix corrupted PSD?

Repair PSD allows recovery of files which incorporates robust and advanced algorithm for effective scanning of the corrupt file throughout the device. This software works only in read-only mode which allows only repairing of the corrupt files rather than modification of the files.

The corrupted and broken PSD and even PDD files can be repaired. It has the ability to repair PSD file including its color mode being Bitmap, CMYK etc. It has the ability to fix corrupted PSD file with depths of 1, 8, 16 and 32 bits per channel and even supports big size files of PDD and PSD files. It repairs PSD files and also repairs its different layers (Mask and layer) and also recovers RLE compressed file using a convenient way.

The “First try then buy “ vision allows the user to firstly download the free version and recover their files but saving them to their desired destination requires upgrading them to the Pro version of the software which provides many more additional features.