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Outlook Email Recovery Software

Technology is growing and hitting the zenith. Communication is very important in a person’s life. Organizations and business firm communicate through emails. Outlook application has turned out to be the best application for communicating purpose. Imagine that you have opened the outlook to your horror, you realized that the Outlook emails have been deleted. You need to do an Outlook Email Recovery quickly.

When Outlook emails are deleted you will definitely think about how to recover deleted emails from outlook, but have you thought about what are the factors that lead to deletion of Microsoft Outlook emails? When Outlook emails are lost or deleted which causes huge data loss. There are many various factors that lead to deletion of emails from Microsoft Outlook. Few of them are clearly stated below:

Sometimes you might delete important emails when erasing the unwanted emails. To avoid the cluttering, you end up removing it from the deleted item folder too. This is will lead to permanent deletion of e-mails.

When PST file size exceeds the size limit then the new email might replace the old email. This might make the old emails go missing.

Outlook upgradations.

Scenarios such as Outlook upgradations, the intrusion of the virus and much more can definitely lead to Outlook email deletion.

What Are The Chances Of Recovering Outlook Email?

You need not worry when you come across such situations. The user can easily retrieve deleted Outlook emails. Same like Windows System, Microsoft Outlook also has a deleted item folder. The deleted Outlook emails will be present in this deleted items folder. But what happens when you delete those emails from deleted items folder? It is possible to restore Outlook emails that too easily using Microsoft Outlook email recovery software. Download the Software Remo Repair Outlook (PST) software which is the best solution to recover Outlook emails. The tool can also retrieve contacts, calendar, and other attributes.

Remo Repair Outlook (PST) and its features

Remo Repair Outlook application easily recovers Outlook emails which went missing or deleted just by following few simple steps. The application also works when Outlook Inbox Repair tool fails to work. The application fixes damaged or corrupted PST Files easily. The tool is supported in repairing oversized PST file. The advanced algorithms help in recovering emails and other attributes which are password protected. The application helps recovers emails and attributes from Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and so on. Remo Repair Outlook works even in Windows 10.

How To Recover Deleted Emails From Outlook?

You can follow the steps below to restore Outlook emails.

Download and run the application Remo Repair Outlook (PST) application in your Windows System.

From the main screen, choose the appropriate option from Open PST File and Find PST File. If you have an Outlook with multiple profiles then click on Select Outlook Profile.

The quick analyses will start.

As soon as the scanning is completed you can Preview the recovered Outlook emails

Ones you are satisfied with the result shown by the application purchase the product key.

Outlook Inbox Repair Tool – Repair and Recover Outlook Items

The main purpose of MS Outlook is for exchanging emails and it is the most preferred application by almost all the professionals. There are two files in the Outlook, i.e., PST (Personal storage table) and OST (Offline storage table). In PST application you can access the emails only when you are online, but in the OST you can access even when you are offline. There are many version of MS Outlook such as Outlook 2000, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2003, and Outlook 2016.

Outlook.com_logo_In the current scenarios there are chances of Outlook getting corrupt. Consider a scenario: You are using a laptop in which Outlook 2007 is available. Once when you open that Outlook it is not accessible due to corruption. Due to this you are frustrated and finding for the solution repair the corrupt Outlook 2007. There are many reasons that are responsible for the corruption of Outlook 2007. Some of them are due to sending the over sized emails, virus infection is the big issue to corrupt the Outlook, improper shutdown of Outlook without following the recommended files, improper upgrade of Outlook, etc.

Due to all the above causes the main important item that will get inaccessible is Outlook inbox. The only solution to repair the Outlook 2007 is by using any recovering third party tool. Now the question arises is which inbox repair tool for Outlook 2007 should be used. In the current market the abundantly used repairing software is Outlook Inbox Tool.

This Outlook 2007 inbox repair tool is associated with advanced and easy interface that is capable of repairing the damaged files in an easy manner. To use this repairing software technical knowledge is not required and normal users of computers can access and finish the repair process easily.

The inbox repair tool is safe to use because it adopts the technique of read only, which means the damaged Outlook file is read without disturbing it and a new healthy Outlook file is created. So this process is safe and you can generate the new healthy repaired file using the demo version. The demo version is presented for the satisfaction of the users before buying the full version.

By using the demo version of this software, you should try to repair the damaged Outlook file and after getting satisfied you need to purchase the full version so that you can be able to save the repaired Outlook file, because only full version will enable you to save the repaired file, but not the demo version.

This repairing tool can be applied on different versions of Windows OS such as Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows XP. And also can be applied on many versions of Outlook, like Outlook 2000, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2013.

How to Convert Outlook OST to PST File?

MS Outlook application has two types of file Offline Storage Table (OST) and Personal Storage Table (PST). OST files allows you to work even you are not connected to your exchange server and it will synchronize itself with your exchange server mailbox when you get online.PST files can be stored anywhere in your computer and it is much easier for you to keep backup copy of your PST files. There are several disadvantages of OST hence it is necessary to convert OST files to PST files in order to overcome the limitations. Converting OST to PST is one of the most useful tools to convert OST files with few mouse clicks. This software is compatible with all the latest versions of Outlook such as 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. It performs read only operations ensures the safety of original OST file. Converting OST to PST is most recommended software that converts OST file into PST file without any issue.

Reasons to convert OST file into PST file

Virus Attack: A virus is small program to perform certain task to amend OST file. If similar action happen on system, then virus enter into the system. Then it results in deletion or loss of OST files.

Improper closing: Most often, OST files get corrupted if it is closed abruptly. Due to abrupt closing of Outlook application there is high possibility that OST files get corrupted. Hence to overcome such condition it is necessary to convert OST file.

Incomplete Installation: Improper installation of application is another reason for conversion of OST file into PST file. If any error occurs during installation, reinstallation or upgrading of Outlook application then there is high risk that OST files get corrupted.

Oversize Issue: The size limit of OST files is limited to some extent in each and every version of MS Outlook. When the file size of OST file exceeds the limited file size, then it may result in corruption of OST file.

Network Problem: During OST to PST conversion if there is power failure then the conversion process get interrupted. As a result of which OST file get corrupted and user is not able to access those files.

You can use this tool to recover above mentioned scenarios within few simple steps.

Features of Converting OST to PST Tool

  • OST-PST Converter tool is an advance tool which is installed easily on all the latest version of Windows.
  • This software is compatible with all the version of Microsoft Outlook.
  • OST-PST Converter tool requires very less space for installation of this application.
  • This software is capable in recovering all the attributes of Outlook files such as emails, calendars, organizers, notes, reminders, etc.
  • Demo version is available so that user can test the effectiveness of this application before purchasing. It is 100% trustworthy and secure application since it is free from virus/malware attack.
  • It is easy to convert password protected OST files using OST-PST Converter tool.
  • OST-PST Converter tool is one the fastest application to perform conversion from Offline Storage Table to Personal Storage Table in few simple steps without any issues.

Software to Recover Outlook

“I have deleted some important data from Microsoft Outlook 2010 folder by mistake. Unfortunately, I have also emptied “deleted folders” from Outlook without verifying all the contents. Now, I am looking to get back deleted data from Outlook. I tried different way but nothing seems to work. Please help me out to find out the best Outlook recovery tool that will help me to restore deleted data from Outlook 2010. It will put me in a real miserable situation, if I couldn’t recover deleted data from Outlook 2010.”

Microsoft Outlook 2010 is by far the most popular email client application that is wide spread among computer users. Organizations largely depend on Outlook to communicate within themselves. Even though Outlook primarily deals with emails, it also have other attributes which will offer great help to user like reminders, calendar, journal, RSS feeds and many more. All of these are together stored in a PST file. As emails have a significant role in day to day life of people’s personal and professional life, the need for email client application like Outlook 2010 is really essential. As it helps people to organize emails, and keeps track of it. Any loss to the Outlook data might impact hugely. In case, if you have lost data from Outlook 2010 then it is so essential to retrieve data and that too if you don’t have backup. Although Outlook themselves provides an inbuilt tool i.e. ScanPST for helping users to retrieve and repair Outlook PST folder, but the disadvantage with this tool is it directly manipulates the original PST file, which might lead to more damage.

And here is where a reliable third party tool like Outlook Recovery Tool will come in handy. It creates a new healthy file after repairing or recovering PST folder thereby overcomes the disadvantage of ScanPST. Before dealing with Outlook data recovery, get to know more on the causes that lead to data loss.

Major reasons that lead to the loss of Outlook files

  • Accidental deletion: At times, while deleting unwanted emails and other data from Outlook 2010, user might select few important emails or data by mistake leading to loss. But still there is a possibility to restore deleted data from “Deleted items” folder but in case if you have emptied this then you might have to find out different ways.
  • Outlook up gradation: User might look to upgrade the Outlook version, improper up-gradation might lead to corruption situation, and thereby you will lose access to the Outlook profile.
  • PST file corruption: There may be instances where your PST file gets corrupted due to severe virus attack, improper closing of the application while sending or receiving emails.
  • PST file oversize: If suppose the file size of PST file exceeds then in order to save new files, Outlook will start deleting older files from the Outlook folder, leading to loss of important folders.

Methods to recover Microsoft Outlook data?

Normally, Outlook Inbox tracks the deleted items for a period of 14 days, the deleted items are safe till these period on “Deleted items” folder. So, if you want any of it back, you can easily browse to deleted items folder and restore deleted items. But, if you have removed data from deleted items folder then it is not possible to recover Microsoft Outlook 2010 data file. Under these circumstances user is provided with ScanPST tool. But as discussed the drawback of this tool makes it not dependable in most cases.

Outlook Recovery Tool facilitates the user to restore Outlook data files such as emails, reminders, calendar, contacts, and other attributes from Outlook with great ease. It is a repair cum recovery tool. Outlook Recovery Tool is one of the most recommended application that helps to recover Microsoft Outlook 2010 data file, 2007, 2003, etc. on various Windows operating system like Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows vista and more. It helps user in repairing corrupted OST and PST files.

More features of Outlook Recovery Tool:

  • This simple utility uses efficient scanning technique which helps to recover deleted or lost items from Microsoft Outlook versions.
  • Outlook Recovery Tool comes with a simple interface that cuts out all difficulties of the user and helps them to perform safe data recovery.
  • The demo version of the recovery tool allows previewing of the recovered Outlook files in Outlook based browser.

Quality Tool to Restore Emails from Outlook

Nowadays, everyone is well known about the Emails like what are emails, what are its advantages, how to make use of it etc. From student of schools and colleges to professional people who working in the big industry and market everyone uses the emails for the purpose of the communication. Electronic mail, generally known as Email, is a way of interchanging the digital text from one sender to one or many receivers by the means of the internet. Basically this present Email is a replacement of the earlier traditional mails.

In present days MS Outlook and OLE that is Outlook Express are the most in common used email clients for the Windows. Along with the emails one can utilize the Outlook for storing the data files like notes, old emails, personal contacts, calendar entries, attachments etc. All this will be stored in specific format of file, usually known as Personal Storage Table, PST file. As this PST files contains all the data, it plays important role in Outlook. One should take care of PST file that it will not get damaged in any reasons. One feature of Outlook among many, it provides recovery mechanism for PST files.

As known, Outlook emailing client, it is obvious that it works on internet. It opens the possibility of harm to the PST files. Actually there are many other possibilities of PST files get damaged and take you in the unwanted situation of data loss. Coming to the point, what if you are in actual situation of data loss? What will you do? Of course you will try hard to get back your lost data, isn`t? But no need to try hard, because here exhibits the perfect tool, Restore Emails, using which you can recover your Outlook data very easily. Before know about this tool first see some scenario where one can lose the Outlook data-


  • Usage of unreliable software- sometimes you need to use some third party tool which proves insecure in the usage, this operation will cause the loss of data.
  • Virus attack- as outlook works in internet, it is understood that some other day you data will get influenced with the harmful virus or malware which will force you to lose the data.
  • System crash- while using the Outlook, unfortunately if your system got crashed and shut down then you can lose your data.

Additionally some others are when you update your Outlook version and could not import the files properly, corruption in header files, bad sectors in storage area, storage drive corruption, SHIFT+ DEL key operation etc. Also see the link: In all above mentioned and many other situations of lose of data this tool will make you sale for sure with its advanced features. Let’s see some features of the tool-


  • Ability to recover files which are password protected.
  • PST files which are deleted by oversized also recovered.
  • Supports Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010.
  • Along with email folder it is able to recover RSS feeds, calendar entries, contacts, notes etc.

Recover inaccessible Outlook account with ease!!

Have you lost your PST due to which you’re not able to access Outlook account? Lost account contains your vital mail that you immediately needed. In such a severe situation, you can recover Outlook account by making the use of Outlook PST Recovery tool, which is highly proficient in recovering lost or damaged PST file and further you can access your Outlook account normally as you were doing before. Actually, the PST file is corrupted due to improper handling from the user’s side. There are many reasons that may lead to corruption of the PST file including upgradation of Outlook, improper Outlook termination, file system corruption, oversized PST file, virus infection, etc. you may loss PST file due to encountering any one of them. After losing file from your side there is no need to feel that you cannot access them back. It is all misconception; you can make use of this Outlook PST recovery tool and effectively recover in couple of minutes.

Some silent features of this tool are:

  • This tool has simple GUI features which make the software easy workable.
  • With help to this tool you can restore PST file, where scanpst tool fails to fix.
  • This tool is proficient to recover emails from PST and various other attributes of Outlook including journals, calendar entries, contacts, meetings, tasks, appointments, notes etc.
  • With the help of this tool you can perform recovery on various versions of the Outlook including Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010.

Some popular causes of PST corruption are:

  • Virus attack: PST file gets corrupted due to virus attack whenever you connect your system to insecure channel or when you connect infectious external drive to your system. Such act may lead to transfer of virus into your system. As it happens then there definitely be chance of PST corruption, it is because virus are software program designed to affect system intact data. PST file might be corrupted in such a way.
  • Improper Outlook termination: Terminating the running application in the mean while when it is accessing some data may make your file inaccessible for further usage. In such a way when you are using Outlook application and in meanwhile, you terminate the application suddenly without following proper way, this may lead to corruption of the PST file and further you become unable to access your Outlook account.
  • Oversized PST file: Every version of the Outlook has its own PST file size limit, as the PST file exceeds its limited size then it automatically goes inaccessible for further usage. As it is corrupted, you become unable to access any of the Outlook attributes further.

In all the circumstances of PST corruption, it is possible to recover PST file without any difficulty. if you one of them who have lost access to his Outlook account due to corruption of the PST file then you can make use of this tool and effectively restore PST file with full functionality as old PST file. In case you have lost individual items from Outlook account then you can make use of this tool and successfully perform Outlook deleted items recovery too.

Outlook recovery using recovery tool

Microsoft Outlook is client tool that comes Microsoft Office in order to keep the data of different types. Data that are kept and are managed by Outlook are send-receive emails (all mailbox items), Contacts, To-do-list, Task, Calendar events etc. Friendly graphical user interface of the software is the best feature of the software. Interface is designed in a style that it gives the best security feature and gives all the attributes of PST file. File that hold all the data of Outlook and the files is known as PST file. PST file is kept in the computer hard drive at particular location. There is only one PST file, which can work with Outlook and keep the data. When user creates more than profile then also the attribute is saved in the same PST file.

Apart few unknown and unexpected behavior of Outlook can be faced and that too are very awkward. Missing of PST file or corruption/deletion of PST files can result abnormal behavior of Outlook. The very common thing happens to user even without his/her knowledge is corruption of files. There are number of reasons that results in deletion or loss of PST files. The main reason could be re-installation of Windows in computer/PC. Upgrading Microsoft version of Office may also result in corruption of files etc. In case if you are facing the corruption in PST file or deletion of PST file then you can lose your Contacts, Task, To-do-list, Calendars data and regarding this you can do nothing.

Very awkward situation for the user to face is when the Outlook configured in his system is not responding properly. Once this action is performed then all-important Mailbox items will be lost and lastly you will be having nothing left with you accept a non-responding Outlook. Only one thing that can get you out of this and that is to recover damaged Outlook file.

It could be painful for every user if the PST file of Outlook is either lost or corrupted. Finally if you will loses your PST file then all the data co-related to your business, clients, personal details could be lost. SO recovery is only the thing that can get rid of this problem. Recover Outlook PST will bring back your data. All your settings related to Outlook and attributes as well will be recovered if you will use the recovery software.

Once you are done with the recovery process then you can import Outlook PST very easily. Therefore, for the completion of process requirement of recovery software is must. The recovery software gives a deep scan and recovers the PST file or else if your PST file is corrupted then you can also use the repairing software. The better way to get the software is to get the demo version of the software and that too from some reliable sources.

One of the best software download link is mentioned here and this can made recovery easy. The software algorithms are so strong in concern to return you the data.

Repair Outlook 2010

Simply think that you open your MS Outlook account in your system and desire to send some important mails to your beloved ones. You are surprised!!! That is unable to do it. You may keep trying but did not succeed; you are now convinced that your Outlook PST files are corrupted. You might have tried with MS Outlook inbuilt repair tool ‘scanpst.exe’ but not get success. And you may worry how do I repair Outlook 2010. Now you are searching third party application and you need all your PST files to be patched up.

Nothing to be anxious, there is a strong tool to repair your entire corrupted MS outlook PST files,  this PST repair tool is user friendly and has the ability  to repair severely broken PST  files, before that we need to know why this damage is done to PST files

Causes for corruption of PST files:-

  • Outlook in another process:-if the Outlook application is performing another application and if you forcefully try to access emails from Outlook that time it may not respond, and Outlook get terminated unexpectedly resulting in PST file corruption, making all emails and other Outlook data inaccessible.
  • Internal errors: – because of some internal errors the PST files may get corrupt and results in inaccessible to the files.
  • Oversized PST file:- if the PST file exceeds its limit more than 2GB then the PST files get corrupt and you are unable to access your emails.
  • Common reasons: – promoting Outlook from one version to another, rapidly closing Outlook window, file system corruption, Power failure, sudden system shutdown etc. are the few reasons for PST file corruption.

Due to these scenarios the PST files corrupt. But it is not permanently lost; it can be recovered by PST repair tool. This PST repair tool is designed by professional experts. PST repair tool has advanced attributes to fix all harms done to the PST files. This software can repair the severely damaged files by providing smart scan option. This repair software not only handles the corrupted files and also repairs the password protected files. Hence it is most dominant and amazing repair tool among all existing repair tools. This software repairs PST files created on Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010.

Apart from this, this software has a strong inbuilt capacity to recover emails cleared from deleted items folder. By using this software you can easily search for PST files on your computer when you do not know the location of your PST files. While repairing, this software cannot alter the original file. Before using this software you need be careful, that once you lost your data from Outlook means do not overwrite it. Once you overwrite means you cannot repair and recover the corrupted files, it may lose permanently. Hence you need to pay attention while overwriting.

This repair tool provides you the demo version. You may test effectiveness of this software. You may download trial version of this software and install it and then run it. Once you run it means you will be amazed with its performance. The PST files that are corrupted are scanned. You may view all corrupted files and you may use save recovery session option, which will assist you to avoid frequent scanning.

To access the repaired files, you need to buy real version of this repair software. Thus it’s obvious to purchase the real version of this software to fix all the damage done to your PST files.

Windows 7 email recovery tool

Windows 7 is easily the most powerful and popular operating-system designed by Microsoft. Operating system is much like an interface between hardware and software. OS is a software package, which facilitates communication between computer hardware and software of computer. Windows 7 is really an easy and simple OS to use as compare to other operating systems. Windows 7 works with laptops, desktops, notebooks etc.

At any bad situation everybody wishes that one could reverse the time back. As system holds many important data if it crash then there will be a huge data loss. MS Outlook will be the famous application, employed by people for email communication. Email is most typical communication medium to use by the users.

Various tools are utilized from the email clients to speak including Outlook, Outlook express and many more. These tools are client side tool which are employed for emailing. In Outlook PST files contains all information concerning to attributes saved in it. Outlook was first launched around 2000 then comes the 2003, 2007 and 2010. As Outlook is inbuilt emailing tool in Windows 7 so for back-end PST file can be used to save the information about its attributes.

When the emails are lost then how to retrieve emails on windows 7 is the most general question, my email recovery tool is the best answer for these type of question. But exactly what can function as the reason behind the loss of emails? Is there any way I can recover my email? How recovery is possible, can there be any special condition that must be followed to ensure that recovery can be created easily? Will be the questions will come in users mind after knowing this fact that recovery is possible.

Some common scenarios which are responsible for data loss are mentioned below:

  • Pirated OS and software always causes software malfunction, which can corrupt the PST file utilized to save the data in back-end of Outlook.
  • Virus attack on PC or mobile where the Outlook is configured may be one more reason for email loss from Outlook.
  • Compressing the PST file to help make it portable, attaching it to emails etc. can corrupt the email’s data.
  • Outlook employed by unauthorized user or sharing PST file over unsecured network would be the other two for email deletion from Outlook profile.

Precautions that assist you to avoid every one of the above loss of data situations are defined below:

  • Always use antivirus within the system in order to avoid the attack of virus and corruption of files could be avoided.
  • Maintain a backup of all your important files which may retain your data if lost occur.
  • Don’t share the file over unsecured network or use some reliable tool to do the compression.

If these precautions fail to save your data from loss, then don’t get upset. My emails recovery tool is there be to recover your lost/deleted emails. Try trial version of this tool, estimate the outcomes of trial version. If you’re happy with its feedback then download its complete version.