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How can you Migrate Outlook Contacts?

Millions of people are becoming advanced and eager to evolve new upcoming technologies. Microsoft office Outlook 2003 and 2007 are advanced versions of Outlook. They have different file structure and provide Unicode support and therefore do not have file size limitation for PST.

MS Outlook is a package on Microsoft office. It’s a powerful e-mail client involved in the Microsoft office suite. It has properties like you can send/receive Emails, set reminder, make notes, subscribe RSS feeds, maintain contacts etc. Contacts in MS Outlook would be the list of people from your address book. This is much like electronic Rolodex; Outlook keeps track of telephone numbers, emails plus much more vital information in contact, contacts can store more details about a person than address book. Microsoft Outlook enables you to store valuable contact information and other items by archiving inside a private information folder called as PST (Personal Storage Table).

People use MS Outlook not only for email communication but additionally to keep their contacts.PST file is not compatible, this error occurs when Outlook users use Outlook 2003 ANSI files into new versions of Outlook emailing application like Outlook 2007.Now Outlook user thinks how to transfer Outlook 2003 contacts to new computer installed with earlier version of Outlook 2007.whenever you plan to move your contacts from one Outlook form with other you have to migrate your MS Outlook.

Is there a possible ways to Migrate Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007?

Migration of Outlook contacts from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007 can be easily done using good Migrating software’s. However, there are migrating software’s available in the market which helps you to change your Outlook from older version to newer version. One among them is Outlook Backup and Migrate Software. Outlook Migration is adaptable, which lets you move or make a copy of the Outlook client. Migration is a way where in you can move your contacts or files in one account to a different or from one machine to another, for this you need to Install Outlook Migrate software on source drive and also on destination drive too. To transfer or migrate your Outlook profile to destination drive, you can use either USB Flash drive, CD, DVD or perhaps a mapped network drive.

Why to opt for Outlook Backup and Migrate Software?

This software can help you to keep backup and restore all your Outlook emails together with all other Outlook Features like email folders, calendar items, tasks, Notes, settings, rules, contacts, E-mail accounts and signatures. This software offers an advance feature known as “Migrate” with the help of which you can migrate/duplicate the whole Outlook Contacts with “Migrate” feature, it’s very simple to: Upgrade your operating system and Microsoft office or even you can or you can upgrade both and also it is very simple to create or duplicate Outlook settings for user accounts on same or different system and also helps you When there is a need to format the bootable partition.

It makes four Restore points which helps you to restore Outlook Data if you find a corruption to the existing Outlook profile.
This uses updated anti-virus applications to scan all your files before compiling into a package.

To migrate contacts from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007 first you should try the demo version of the software online. Once it is done then install on your PC where you wish to migrate your Outlook profile. Now Run the application and click on “Migrate” option and then click on Browse button to select a backup file secured with the password earlier and enter the password in the security check box and now click on “Next” option. After completion of your migration process you would be able to view your entire process summary.

This concludes your entire migration process. Now if you are satisfied with the demo version of the software and then you can move to purchase the full version. Easily migrate your older version of Outlook to a newer version or migrate your Outlook (Contacts and other attributes) from one Operating-system to another.