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How to Fix Broken Adobe Photoshop PSD Files?

psd-fileNow a days, people are using Photoshop from their business as well as personal uses. It is one of the widely used graphics editing program developed and marketed by Adobe Inc. Photoshop is available for both Mac and Windows system users. Adobe has launched a series of Photoshop app. Each version of Photoshop has a number of advanced features compare to its previous release. With the help of this amazing tool, people can perform a number of operations on their images and improve the quality of it. These operations are crop, increase or decrease image sharpness, same images in different file formats, vary pixels and many others.

The default file extension of Photoshop is .psd. But it also allows users to save it in various other file formats based on their requirements. Photoshop PSD is a multilayer file format. Besides these advanced features of Photoshop, sometimes, people can face psd file broken issue. Once the PSD file gets brooked, then user will be unable to access it. In such difficult, painful psd file broken issue, people want to overcome from these situations but they do not know how to fix broken PSD file. The solution of question is PSD File Repair app. This third party repair tool has enough potential to repair broken, damaged, inaccessible or corrupted Photoshop PSD file by following simple few mouse clicks.

Some most common causes behind Photoshop PSD file broken:

  • Using lower version of Photoshop to open PSD file can also lead to its corruption, because lower versions may not support some features of its latest version and turns it to broken.
  • Transferring PSD file from laptop or desktop to an external device or vice versa, if people eject the drive before completion of this process, then PSD file may get broken.
  • Downloading incomplete PSD file from the internet can also be a cause behind the broken of PSD files.
  • Some other reasons which may lead to PSD file broken are improper installation or upgradation of Photoshop app, using an unreliable third party tool, psd file saved on drive bad sector area, psd file header corruption, etc.

know how to fix broken PSD File and features of this app:

  • PSD File Repair software supports to fix broken PSD file on all the latest versions of Mac and Windows operating systems.
  • Supports to fix broken PSD file which can be created with any versions of Photoshop like Photoshop5.5, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS1, CS5 and CS6 very easily.
  • Allows to repair broken PSD file with various color modes such as gray-scale, RGB color, Bitmap, indexed color, duotone, multichannel color, etc.
  • Capable to repair and fix all PSD file related issues and also ensue towards the safety of broken PSD file.

Steps and know how to fix broken PSD file:

  • Download the demo version of PSD File Repair program in your system and install it.
  • Once the installation is over, launch the program and click on “Browse” button to select the broken PSD file from your system drive and click on “Repair” button.
  • Repair process will start. Once the repair process of broken PSD file is completed. It will display list of PSD files.
  • Select the psd file and click on “Preview” to see the repaired file.
  • Save it in the system or other external drive by clicking on “Save” button.

Tool to Repair Photoshop PSD Files

Most of the user use Adobe Photoshop for editing photos in the field of graphics andpsd-file
photography. The images files created using the Adobe Photoshop software are saved in .psd or .pdd format by default. However, sometimes, the user may encounter some errors while the user is working with Adobe Photoshop images files.  Adobe Photoshop files can corrupt due to many of the unforeseen reasons. But don’t get devastated in such situation. In such circumstances, you can opt for Repair Photoshop software which can easily fix the corrupted or damaged PSD files which occur due to various reasons. The software has advanced repairing technique which provides various features using which it can easily fix the PSD file that refuses to open.Common PSD Errors:

  • Not a valid Photoshop document
  • PSD file not compatible with this version of Photoshop
  • Photoshop could not save
  • Unexpected End of File

Scenarios behind the corruption of Photoshop files:

  • Adobe Photoshop malfunction
  • Adobe Photoshop app crash while editing or saving PSD file
  • Trying to open Photoshop file in incompatible Photoshop version
  • Use of unreliable software to recover deleted or lost Photoshop file
  • Compressing Photoshop file using unreliable tool
  • Software up-gradation to higher version
  • Virus infections
  • Sudden loss of power when you are working on Photoshop file
  • Incomplete download error of Photoshop file occurs due to network failure
  • Making changes to PSD file directly from removable drives
  • Crashed OS
  • Source file issue
  • Disk error

There are many other reasons behind corruption of Photoshop file but don’t get panic as you can opt Repair Photoshop software which can easily repair corrupt or damaged Photoshop file with utmost ease. This software has advanced scanning algorithm which scans your storage device thoroughly and repairs corrupt or damaged Photoshop file within few mouse clicks.

Precautionary Measures:

  • Avoid interruption while you are editing or saving any Photoshop file.
  • Don’t close or terminate the system while you are accessing the Photoshop file.
  • Use good antivirus software on your system to prevent virus or malware malfunction.
  • Always update your Adobe Photoshop app to prevent it from the corruption of PSD file.
  • Don’t save the PSD file on the hard disk which has bad sectors.

Features of Repair Photoshop software:

Robust Scanning Engines: Repair Photoshop software has robust scanning algorithms which can scan the entire corrupt PSD file and repairs all the files with quite easy.

Easy-to-use Interface: The software is designed with interactive GUI with step by step instructions as even the novice user can repair the Photoshop file with great ease.

Non-Destructive Mechanism: This tool ensures that the original file remains the same during the entire repairing process as it creates a new file for repairing the PSD file.

Quick and Secure Repair: Repair Photoshop software has fast scanning algorithms which can easily perform repairing of PSD file in few minutes.

Try Before Buy: You can download the demo version of the Repair Photoshop software to check the effectiveness of the software. It also provides you a free preview of repaired PSD file using which you can evaluate the repairing results, but save option is disabled in demo version. To save the repaired PSD file, you need to buy the full version of the software.

Supported OS: This software is compatible of repairing Photoshop file on Windows as well as Mac operating system.

NOTE: Working of Repair Photoshop software in the demo or licensed version is same but the only difference is, in demo version “Save” option will be disabled.

Know How to Repair Outlook PST

Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager which is designed, developed outlookand marketed by Microsoft. This Outlook is available in market with different versions of Microsoft Office. There are different version Of Microsoft Outlook such as 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, etc. It has various attributes such as calendars, contacts, email app, task, RSS feed, reminders, journal, notes, etc. All these attributes are stored on a single file known as PST file. Sometimes, Outlook PST file may get corrupted or damaged due to various reasons. Outlook has inbuilt repair tool known as Scanpst.exe to repair Outlook PST file that are corrupted, but this tool fails to repair if PST file is severely corrupted or damaged. In such case, you have to move to any Outlook PST recovery software which can easily repair your corrupted PST file without damaging its original file.

Have you ever faced such situations, then don’t get devastated because you are at the right place where you will get the solution for your all query. You can make use of Outlook Recovery Tool to repair corrupted or damaged Outlook PST file.

Common reasons due to which PST file corrupts:         

Sharing the PST file on faulty network: If a PST file of Outlook is to be shared on network then you have to opt for a secure network, suppose the PST file is shared on faulty network then it may get corrupt

Over sizing issues: PST file comes with a fixed storage capacity, which depends on the version of Outlook you are using. Latest Outlook versions will have large space to store data, and older versions will have less. If data stored in this PST file exceeds its limit, then PST file corrupts.

Improper Outlook upgrading process: No interruptions should occur, when you are upgrading the Outlook version. If it is interrupted then PST file may get corrupt.

Inappropriate termination of Outlook: If Outlook gets terminated in an inappropriate way; then PST file may get damaged. Abrupt system turn off is major purpose behind inappropriate termination of Outlook.

When the PST file of Outlook gets corrupted, because of these above described reasons then you can make use of Outlook Recovery Tool to repair corrupted Outlook PST file.

Feature of Outlook Recovery Tool:

  • The unique feature of this software is that it has two scanning options (Normal and Advanced scanning) to undelete email messages and other various attributes of Outlook and to recover Outlook PST file. You may choose either of them depending upon the severity of the PST file corruption.
  • The software is capable of repairing corrupted Outlook PST file from hard drive such as SATA, ATA, PATA, IDE, SCSI, etc.
  • It repairs corrupted Outlook PST file on different versions of Outlook such as Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2013, etc.
  • This software has an inbuilt advanced scanning engine, which scans corrupted PST file and creates healthy PST file; this ensures the safety of original PST file.
  • With the help of this tool you can repair password protected PST file of Outlook.
  • Visit the website and download the demo version of this Outlook Recovery Tool on your PC. Run the application and repair corrupted or damaged Outlook PST file. If you feel satisfied with the product then buy its licensed edition to save the repaired Outlook PST file.

PSD Repair Software to Repair Corrupted or Broken PSD Files

Now-a-days people are very much interested in capturing their photos on important occasions like marriages, anniversaries, birthdays, tours, picnics, and so many other occasions. These photos are captured with the help of digital cameras, camcorders, etc. But some cameras will fail to offer better resolution, so in order to make the picture clearer and attractive we use photo editing tool named adobe Photoshop application.
PSD repair software

Adobe Photoshop is a famous photo editing tool used to edit the captured photos. By this application the user can increase the brightness of photos, add effects, change its brightness, and can add some more effects. The photos that are edited are saved in .PSD file format and theses PSD files can be viewed only after installing Photoshop application in your system. But due to some unexpected reasons like abrupt system shutdown, file system corruption, downloading interrupts, etc. the PSD file gets corrupted and you are not able to access the PSD files.

Have you ever been faced such similar situation? If yes, stop thinking and make use of PSD Repair software. This effective tool is used to fix the corrupted PSD files and retrieves the photos back with hassle free manner.

Some possible reasons behind the corruption or broken of PSD files:

  • While downloading the PSD files from the internet if any interruption occurs then it leads to the corruption of PSD files and the user cannot able to view that broken PSD file.
  • File system is the way of storing the files in an organized manner. If stores the file attributes like file name, file size, file creation date, etc. If it gets corrupted due to some unexpected errors then it causes corruption of PSD files.
  • Without having any proper knowledge if the user tries to change the file format of PSD files to any other file format using any third party applications, then it leads to the corruption of PSD files.
  • The PSD files are stored in various storage devices like pen drives, memory cards, external USB drive, etc. If this devices gets damaged then the stored PSD files gets broken or corrupted.
  • Some other reasons that are responsible for the corruption of PSD files are abrupt system shutdown while transferring the PSD files from one system to another system, hardware issues, software conflicts, bad sectors, etc.

Significant Features of PSD Repair Software:

This software easily repairs broken PSD files from various Windows Operating system versions such as Windows 8, 7, Windows XP, Vista, Windows server 2003 and server 2008 and Mac OS such as Mountain Lion, Mavericks, and Snow Leopard. It is used for repairing the broken PSD file from various storage devices like SD cards, external USB drive, hard drives, pen drives, memory cards, etc. This application supports fixing of broken PSD files on various Photoshop versions like Photoshop 5.5, Photoshop 6.0, Photoshop 7, CS1, CS2, CS3, CS4 and CS5. It is used to repair compressed and large sized PSD and PDD files. This tool consists of a preview option so that the user can have the preview of repaired file before going to restore it.

Repair Corrupted MOV Files in Few Steps

MOV is a most popular multimedia format used by various multimedia devices. This video format can be used for entertainment and educational purposes. MOV file format supports both audio and video files. Digital cameras most often use this file format to store video files. The extension file name for this file format is .mov. In some circumstances, MOV files get corrupted and user is unable to play through Quick time player.

If you are facing such situation don’t get panic, you can use MOV File Repair tool to repair broken MOV in few simple steps. This software has ability to extract video and audio files and repair them separately to create healthy video file. After fixing audio and video streams individually, it merge them to make it a healthy playable MOV video file. The software includes simple and efficient techniques to fix corrupted MOV files that won’t play. MOV File Repair tool is capable in repairing corrupted MOV file in almost corruption scenarios which are mentioned below.

Reasons which is responsible for corruption of MOV files

Virus Attack: When user is downloading a video from unauthorized site or sharing video file from storage device to infected system, virus is intruded in it. This results in corruption of video files and become inaccessible.

Incompatible Media Player: Media player application is used to play video files. Sometimes media player application is not installed properly due to application crashes. When user is trying to play video files on this media player, then there is high possibility that video files get corrupted.

Round Tripping: While converting video files from one format to another to make it compatible with different devices then there is chance that video file become inaccessible. You may not able to play MOV video files on any media player.

Unreliable Recovery: Recovery software is used to recover deleted or lost video files. Sometimes due to improper recovery, video files get corrupted and becomes inaccessible. In this case you can use this software to repair video files to overcome this scenario.

Other Factors: Several other reasons due to which video files get corrupted are codec issue, hardware failure, OS crash etc. These are some common scenario which may results in corruption of video files.

Features of MOV File Repair Software

  • MOV File Repair tool is capable enough to repair broken MOV video files on Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • Apart from MOV video files, this software is capable of repairing 3GP, MP4, AVI, FLV, and many other file formats.
  • It requires less space for installation of software on any of the operating system.
  • Preview option is available which allows user to view fixed MOV files that won’t play on Quick time player.
  • 24X7 technical services is given to users who finds any difficulty in accessing the application.
  • You can repair broken MOV video files from Sony, Nikon, Kodak, Panasonic, Canon and many more digital camcorders.
  • By using this application, you are able to repair broken MOV files that can’t be played in few simple steps.

Check this page to know more about the software and scenarios due to which MOV file get corrupted from different electronics devices.

How to Repair MOV Video Files

“I have an MOV video that I need to repair on my computer. The video is over 50MB in size and needs to be repaired since it is broken. Is there a good program that repairs broken MOV videos on my computer?”

Of course there is! You can effortlessly repair broken MOV video on your computer by making use of a MOV repair software that does the repair process in a safe and efficient manner.

An MOV repair tool can fix every issue on your broken MOV video and can fix each and every issue on it. MOV videos are prone to get corrupt and will finally lead to them getting broken. A broken MOV video cannot be played again and it needs to be repaired at all costs. Choosing the right MOV repair tool to fix or repair broken MOV video is one of the most important requirement.

In order to successfully fix broken MOV video, you need a professional MOV repair tool. By employing an unsafe and unsupported MOV repair software to fix broken MOV video, you can end up corrupting all your MOV videos to an extent where it can never again be repairable.

A good MOV repair software like the one used in the above tutorial can fix errors in your MOV video in less than a few minutes and it is also safe. MOV videos possess a unique CODEC that is extremely different from all other videos so a dedicated MOV repair tool like the one used above can only fix your broken MOV video.

You can also safeguard all your MOV videos and prevent them from getting damaged or broken by having a backup created for it. By having a backup, you can just replace it anytime you need. However, if you don’t carry a backup and see that your MOV video is broken, then you need to fix broken MOV video at the earliest.

With a safe software like the one used above, you get to repair MOV videos of any size. It is also the most recommended software to fix broken MOV video on your Mac as well as on your Windows OS. Below are a few causes for MOV videos to get damaged during their course of time:

  • An MOV video when played on an unsupported player can lead to file corruption and the video might end up becoming unplayable.
  • Using an unorthodox technique to change MOV file extension.
  • Interrupting an MOV video being transferred to or from your computer.

During the above scenarios, your MOV video can end up as a broken video and can never again be played. But, with a good MOV repair software, you can fix broken MOV video on your computer with just a few clicks of the mouse.

What makes this MOV repair software the most recommended to repair broken MOV video?

  • This software comes with the most powerful repair mechanism for fixing broken MOV videos on Windows and Mac OS.
  • It lets you repair and save the MOV video in any location on your computer.
  • This software can fix broken MP4 videos as well.
  • You can repair broken MOV video in just a matter of minutes with the help of the simple interface provided by this software.

Guide to Fix Error While Extracting ZIP File

ZIP is the most popular archive format which is widely used to compress large sized files. It is a single compressed folder which can contain one or more compressed files. It makes easy to keep all related files in single compressed folder. Compressed files needs less storage space and therefore it can be transferred more quickly to other storage devices then the uncompressed files. And, since compressed ZIP folder are smaller in size , It is mostly used for distributing related files on the internet, so that all related files can be obtained by downloading only one compressed ZIP folder.

Sometimes you may get the situation when some e-mail applications blocks the files (which have file extension like .exe, .bat, .reg, etc.) that have the possibility to be malicious software. These type of files can be compressed to ZIP folder and then, easily you can e-mail the ZIP file to other system.

There are numerous advantage of using ZIP file, but in some scenario, ZIP file may get damaged and you will be unable to extract the ZIP file. In such type of situation you may get tensed because may be the content under ZIP file was immediately required for you. Don’t panic in such situation, just make use of this powerful application Repair Corrupted ZIP, and immediately you can get access to your important files. Further going for details of this application, let’s check some scenario of getting errors while extracting ZIP files. So that you may be able to avoid such type of headache.

Reasons behind ZIP file extraction error

  • Internet connection is slow or lost while downloading the ZIP files from internet may lead to damaged ZIP file.
  • Compressing files using unknown compression method can make ZIP file in corrupt or damaged state.
  • Extracting big size ZIP folder in the storage drive which is not sufficient to store whole extracted files due to low storage capacity.
  • Trying to extract virus affected ZIP file may result in ZIP file extraction error.

Repair Corrupted ZIP, an efficient tool to fix error while extracting ZIP files!

You can get lot of unknown and fake method to fix error while extracting ZIP files but using these methods you may lose your ZIP file permanently. So always avoid choosing the wrong application, since fixing error while extracting ZIP file is not a big issue using this powerful utility named as Repair Corrupted ZIP. It is the most recommended and reliable software to repair ZIP file error when it fails to extract ZIP files from Windows and Mac OS. It also repairs the corrupted or damaged ZIP files and makes it healthy to avoid ZIP file extraction error.

Some important features of Repair Corrupted ZIP utility

  • It is the unique tool to fix error from all type of ZIP files (.zip or .zipx file).
  • Ability to repair corrupted ZIP files of large size (4GB or more in size).
  • The tool is capable to fix error of ZIP files stored in any storage devices such as system hard disk, USB external hard drives, SD card, pen drive, memory stick etc.
  • After repairing of damaged or corrupted ZIP file you can view the repaired ZIP files using preview option.
  • Supports on several versions of Windows and Mac operating system.
  • Fixed ZIP files can be saved to any preferred location available to the host machine.

Tool to Repair Corrupted MS Word File

Recently I have created a word document of nearly 200 pages which contained a information of project’s features, enhancements, and other details.  Later I moved that file to my pen drive to carry to office. But after connecting USB to system I attempted to open it but office application showed error. Due to this error, I came to know that word file has been corrupted. After that, I attempted to open word file using open and repair option which is provided in MS Office, but I got the same error. Please, can anyone explain how to fix corrupted Microsoft word 2010 file?

Since, pen drives are a very capable and wonderful solution for files sharing, carrying around or even data backup. In other side, data stored on pen drives may easily attacked by virus threats and results in accessible file. However, you no need to worry; now you are landed at right place to know how to repair corrupted word 2010 documents in few simple steps with the use of third party application called Word Repair Tool. This application is efficient in fixing corruption issues of Word 2010 files with safe and secure.  It not only repairs the word file also recovers lost data includes text, fonts, hyperlinks, images, etc. Therefore, it is one of the best applications to fix corrupted word 2011 files on any versions of Windows OS.

Note: Once you came to know that one of your essential word 2010 file has been corrupted and unable to open in MS office application, then avoid attempting to open it frequently on different versions of word application. Because there might be chances of severe corruption of word file, and results in loss of file.

Various reasons behind the corruption of word 2010 file

  • Application fault: Suppose you have opened a word file in MS office 2010 application to edit or update it if any interruptions occur i.e. suddenly application terminates and resulted in error, then your opened word file might get corrupt.
  • Virus attacks: Word files can easily get affected from virus threats, which alter structure of word file, and results in inaccessible word file if you opened on any MS office application.
  • File header: A file header holds a file’s attributes includes size, name, type, date, etc. However, all these information is needed to access a file stored in memory. Suppose if your word file header is damaged somehow then you cannot able to access it.

Above-mentioned reasons may corrupt your MS word 2010 files and results in inaccessible file. However, corrupted or inaccessible MS word file can be easily repaired with the use of word repair application at your fingertips. In addition, it fixes word files irrespective causes behind the file corruption.

Salient features of application are

  • Easy and safe to use and rich in user interface
  • Repairs word files created on any versions of MS office
  • Supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, 7 and 8 etc
  • Allows you to preview word file once repairing process is done
  • Keeps your word document undamaged
  • Application is completely from virus threats
  • Allows you store recovered word file to any storage device
  • Recovers deleted or lost data from word file includes hyperlinks, format, pictures, animations, etc

Tip1: Before buying this product, make use of demo version which is freely downloaded from websites and attempt to repair word file and check whether application has capable to fix corrupted word file by looking into the results you obtain at the last. But it does not allow you to save repaired file to disk unless activating the application.

Tip2: You can avail free tech support from technical management team when you find any issues regarding installation of application or failed to carry out a successful word file repair process on any versions of Windows OS. In turn, you can get solution to your problem via email or live chat applications and this service will be available for 24/7 hours.

Precautionary steps to follow

  • Store your word file in a healthy storage device
  • Have multiple copies of important word files
  • Do not keep word files in pen drives or memory for longer duration
  • Do not try to open word file in any inappropriate MS word application
  • Make use of antivirus application to keep system protected from virus threats

Best Tool for Fixing RAR End of Archive Issue

RAR files basically act as containers in which more than one file is compressed to reduce its overall size. RAR file format is the most preferred for data storage since it reduces the file size to nearly 90% of its original size after compressed. Generally it is used for taking data backup and transferring data over the internet and nowadays majority of people across worldwide compress their respective files before sending them over internet since no one sends an entire folder containing numerous files in a single go. Unfortunately though the compression mechanism seems to be highly advantageous but there is risk of RAR files getting corrupt on the other hand. Well, the RAR file corruption can happen due to various human as well as system errors and finally pop up error message stating “RAR end of archive issue”. Even the slightest damage to RAR files can be very stressful since it involves huge number of files compresses together.

Real Time Scenario!

Hello, I have a problem with compressed RAR files, whenever I try to extract it pop up error message stating “Unexpected end of RAR archive”. I tried every possible method to resolve this issue but unluckily failed in all process. Now I am not able to understand what went wrong with my RAR archive, so please someone help me out to repair my RAR files with few clicks of mouse. Any sort of help will be greatly appreciated, well in advance thanks a lot…..

The above mentioned RAR end of archive issue is common and nowadays majority of users are experiencing this problem. Generally, unexpected end of RAR archive error message occurs, while downloading or extracting RAR files due to slow connectivity of internet, unpredicted power surge, sudden system shutdown and so on. But no need to worry; because with the help of recommended and trusted tool like “Repair RAR” software you can fix RAR unexpected end of archive issue with few clicks of mouse.

Let’s look at the common scenarios responsible for RAR file corruption:

  • Virus Infection: A harmful virus like Trojan, Malware, Spyware or Adware infection on RAR files can result in corruption issue and finally pop up “error message “unexpected RAR end of archive”. Normally virus gets into contact with the RAR file by downloading RAR file from an untrusted site, copying RAR file from virus infected external storage device, etc.
  • Header Corruption: RAR file is made of header and data part, which stores all the information related to compressed data. If you alter header information unintentionally or by making use of untrustworthy software without proper technical knowledge, then there are chances that you will lose access to RAR files. Even a minute alternation in RAR hearer can results in corruption issue and when you try to extract data, it will display wired error message “unexpected end of archive”.
  • Changing the file extension of Zip files: Forcibly changing the file extension of RAR files might sometimes results in severe corruption issue. For example, changing a RAR file ‘xyz.rar’ to ‘’, well in this circumstance you are only changing its name but the functionality remains same making it inaccessible (OR) interruption like sudden power let down, computer turn off, etc. during file extension conversion process results in corruption issue.
  • Windows Registry Corruption: In registry complete configuration information about the computer is stored (program files installation). Any sort of damage to RAR file association in Windows Registry will make RAR files inaccessible. Generally Windows registry might get damage \ corrupt due to software malfunctioning, inappropriate installation, virus intrusion, etc.

If you are experiencing RAR end of archive issue due to above mentioned reasons then no need to get panic because now fixing unexpected end of rar archive is very simple with the help of “Repair RAR” software. The tool is designed with integrated algorithms which scan and repair corrupted RAR files within matter of minutes regardless of its size.

Repair RAR Software Eye Catching Features:

The utility is user friendly, developed with simple GUI (Graphical User Interface) and requires just a couple of minutes to repair the even severe damaged RAR files. The tool is compatible with Windows7, 8, Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008. By making use of this utility you can even repair password protected RAR files without any difficulty. The software efficiently repairs the corrupted RAR files even after 17540 errors. It lets you to preview the repaired RAR archives before saving them to any desired location.

Software to Repair Invalid MOV File

Many of us make use of multimedia player to view different types of videos with distinct file formats such as (MOV, MP4, 3GP, AVI etc.), where among all other file format MOV video file format is more popular one. However, sometimes you would come across various situations like virus attack, improper downloading of media player and more. Due to this reason, your media player may get corrupt or damage and you may not able to open certain MOV file or other video files on Mac PC. In such cases, you may think damaged video file can never be repaired. But, the fact is using this intuitive MOV Repair software you can simply fix any corrupted video file format with ease.

This software can “Fix Invalid MOV fileerror and also other possible errors of video file such as “File format is not supported”, “Media player cannot play this file format”, “cannot open the file: 004_0555_02.MOV” etc. Moreover, to avoid this kind of errors there are few precautions like have proper backup to certain important video files, make use of upgraded anti-virus software and always make use of compatible media player etc.

Some possible causes for MOV file corruption:

  • Usually, Mov file consists of header file information such as file format, name, date, size and etc. In which because of severe virus attack, it can corrupt header file information that results in damaging the video file.
  • When you try to play particular video inside PC on certain QuickTime media player, due to sudden termination of PC or improper download of media player can give raise to invalid Mov file error. This kind of error messages can make video unplayable or inaccessible.
  • While transferring particular Mov file to some other storage device like pen drive. During this process, sudden removal of pen drive can result in video file corruption or incomplete file transfer.
  • Sometimes, when you try to play video file in quick time media player on Mac computer, it might play only audio or only video. This problem can occur due to corrupted video file or damaged media player.

To overcome such situations, this software is specially designed with inbuilt powerful scanning engine, which deep scans the hard drive or external drive to find corrupted or damaged Mov video files within a span of time. This application has special feature to identify certain corrupted or damaged video files using “Find tool”, where it repairs and restores files on basis of their unique signature and file format or extension, name, size, creation date, modification date etc. In addition, this ultimate tool helps user to fix video file corruption or damage on other storage devices like USB drive, USB flash drive, memory card, FireWire drive etc. it easily repairs MOV video file on various Digicam brands like SONY, KODAK, SIGMA, Canon and Panasonic etc. It has automatic repair option to separate video and audio data streams and combine them to generate new playable video file. Further, resolves corrupted video file on Mac OS (Mac OS X, Mavericks, Lion, Leopard and Snow Leopard etc.) and Windows OS (Windows XP, 2007, 2008, Vista etc.) For more information about media file repair on Mac visit here: