Best Way to Restore deleted Videos from Pen Drive

Don’t you know how to recover deleted videos from pen drive? Are you looking for a solution to restore deleted videos from pen drive? If you say Yes, then no need to worry; since you are landed at the right place to know the best solution to get back deleted videos from pen drive in simple way with the use of third party recovery application.

USB Recovery Tool is one of the best applications to carry out deleted video recovery from pen drive with safe and secure way. This application is specially designed to restore all formats of video files from storage devices including pen drive, memory card, hard drive, external hard drive, iPod, etc. It supports various brands of pen drives such as HP, Transcend, Kingston, Moserbaer, Data Traveler, Sony, etc.

Pen drives storage devices does a tremendous job in data transferring from one system to other and it is famous because of data portability feature. Pen drive memory size ranges from 2GB to 32GB and it provides easy means of accessing its contents by connecting into any system quickly.  But you may lose your essential data stored in Pen drive due to accidental deletion while deleting unwanted files from it to make free space. Apart from deletion process, there are many reasons behind the loss of important video files from pen drive. They are..

  • Formatting pen drive: Sometimes when you connect your pen drive to a system that prompts a message “Inaccessible pen drive. Format it”. In this case, if you agreed for formatting pen drive without having proper data backup from it will result in loss of all data stored in it.
  • Abrupt removal pen drive: Sometimes you use a pen drive to move data from system for data portability and accessing it whenever needs by connecting to system. But after transferring files to pen drive if you ejected pen drive out from a system without using safe remove option then it may result in inaccessible pen drive and this leads to loss of all data stored in it.
  • Interrupting file transfer process: You can loss files from pen drive while transferring files from system to pen drive and vice versa, if you interrupt the process by ejecting connected pen drive abruptly, sudden system shutdown, etc.
  • Virus attacks: This is one of the major reason behind loss of video files from pen drive because devices can easily infected from virus threats after connecting to an infected system, storing infected data, etc. Once virus threats enter pen drive, starts corrupting file stored in it. Later, files hide from memory after their file structure got damage by them.

You may lose videos files from pen drive due to any of above-mentioned scenario.  However, no need to worry after losing video files, because you can easily recover them with the use of USB Recovery tool. This application recovers all formats of video files from pen drive irrespective of reasons behind it, such as AVI, MP4, MOV, MPEG, MPG, M4V, 3G2, 3GP, RM, etc. Apart from videos, it can also recover documents, pictures, songs and other various file formats in few simple steps.

Important features of application are

  • User-friendly, safe, secure and quick video recovery application
  • Recovers all files formats from pen drive including documents, pictures, songs, etc
  • Displays all recoverable video files in File Type View and Data View format prior to actual data process
  • Completely free from virus threats
  • Allows you to compress restored video files
  • Allows you to store restored files to any storage disk
  • Free technical assistance is provided for you to solve issues regarding recovery process

Note: Demo version of this product is also available to you and can download from websites. This demo version helps you to check application capability in recovering deleted and lost video files from pen drive. In addition, it allows you to view all recovered files in File Type View and Data View format.

Tips to follow:

  • Use pen drive in an appropriate way
  • Always eject pen drive from connected system using safe remove option
  • Do not store virus-infected data in pen drives
  • Make use of UPS to avoid sudden system termination
  • Have proper data backup of files in multiple storage locations

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