Best Tool for Fixing RAR End of Archive Issue

RAR files basically act as containers in which more than one file is compressed to reduce its overall size. RAR file format is the most preferred for data storage since it reduces the file size to nearly 90% of its original size after compressed. Generally it is used for taking data backup and transferring data over the internet and nowadays majority of people across worldwide compress their respective files before sending them over internet since no one sends an entire folder containing numerous files in a single go. Unfortunately though the compression mechanism seems to be highly advantageous but there is risk of RAR files getting corrupt on the other hand. Well, the RAR file corruption can happen due to various human as well as system errors and finally pop up error message stating “RAR end of archive issue”. Even the slightest damage to RAR files can be very stressful since it involves huge number of files compresses together.

Real Time Scenario!

Hello, I have a problem with compressed RAR files, whenever I try to extract it pop up error message stating “Unexpected end of RAR archive”. I tried every possible method to resolve this issue but unluckily failed in all process. Now I am not able to understand what went wrong with my RAR archive, so please someone help me out to repair my RAR files with few clicks of mouse. Any sort of help will be greatly appreciated, well in advance thanks a lot…..

The above mentioned RAR end of archive issue is common and nowadays majority of users are experiencing this problem. Generally, unexpected end of RAR archive error message occurs, while downloading or extracting RAR files due to slow connectivity of internet, unpredicted power surge, sudden system shutdown and so on. But no need to worry; because with the help of recommended and trusted tool like “Repair RAR” software you can fix RAR unexpected end of archive issue with few clicks of mouse.

Let’s look at the common scenarios responsible for RAR file corruption:

  • Virus Infection: A harmful virus like Trojan, Malware, Spyware or Adware infection on RAR files can result in corruption issue and finally pop up “error message “unexpected RAR end of archive”. Normally virus gets into contact with the RAR file by downloading RAR file from an untrusted site, copying RAR file from virus infected external storage device, etc.
  • Header Corruption: RAR file is made of header and data part, which stores all the information related to compressed data. If you alter header information unintentionally or by making use of untrustworthy software without proper technical knowledge, then there are chances that you will lose access to RAR files. Even a minute alternation in RAR hearer can results in corruption issue and when you try to extract data, it will display wired error message “unexpected end of archive”.
  • Changing the file extension of Zip files: Forcibly changing the file extension of RAR files might sometimes results in severe corruption issue. For example, changing a RAR file ‘xyz.rar’ to ‘’, well in this circumstance you are only changing its name but the functionality remains same making it inaccessible (OR) interruption like sudden power let down, computer turn off, etc. during file extension conversion process results in corruption issue.
  • Windows Registry Corruption: In registry complete configuration information about the computer is stored (program files installation). Any sort of damage to RAR file association in Windows Registry will make RAR files inaccessible. Generally Windows registry might get damage \ corrupt due to software malfunctioning, inappropriate installation, virus intrusion, etc.

If you are experiencing RAR end of archive issue due to above mentioned reasons then no need to get panic because now fixing unexpected end of rar archive is very simple with the help of “Repair RAR” software. The tool is designed with integrated algorithms which scan and repair corrupted RAR files within matter of minutes regardless of its size.

Repair RAR Software Eye Catching Features:

The utility is user friendly, developed with simple GUI (Graphical User Interface) and requires just a couple of minutes to repair the even severe damaged RAR files. The tool is compatible with Windows7, 8, Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008. By making use of this utility you can even repair password protected RAR files without any difficulty. The software efficiently repairs the corrupted RAR files even after 17540 errors. It lets you to preview the repaired RAR archives before saving them to any desired location.

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