Best software for recovery of files from hfs+ hard drive

Mac OS Extended or HFS+ is one of the latest file system, invented by Apple Inc. HFS+ is the descendant of HFS (Hierarchical File System). It is an unconventional and stable file system and offers you excellent performance in retrieving, storing, organizing, and manipulating the data as per ones requirement. Along with all advanced security and performance features, the file system supports outstanding features to prevent file system corruption in case of improper system shutdown and thus usage of Disk Recovery Mac. File system of mac may get corrupted due to various reasons such as improper system shutdown, system crash, power outages, and hard drive failure.

Suppose you have saved your latest project work on your mac pc, which you need to work upon. While making certain changes in mac pc by mistake you deleted some of the files. Later when you switched on your pc to perform some work, you are astonished to find that by mistake you have deleted some of the files of project. If you don’t have proper backup for those files then in general situation you would feel that it is lost forever, but that’s not the case. Whenever any file is deleted only its pointer to that address is erased. So if you need to restore those files from mac hard drive partitions then you need to opt for Disk Recovery Mac which performs hfs+ recovery.

Another common cause of data loss from mac pc is accidental format. It generally happens when you format any drive other than the intended hard drive partition. So if you are also facing such type of problem then you need to opt for tool like Disk Recovery Mac. Formatting of any drive also only erases the pointers of different files from partition table. All those files from partition may be revived by application of recovery software which scans entire hfs+ drive rigorously within few minutes. Some of the escalating features of this software are:

  • Easily recovers all files from HFS+ partition which are unable to mount.
  • It is well accustomed with versions of Mac OS such as Mac OS X Leopard, Mountain Lion, Lion, etc.
  • Restored files can be saved on the categorization of file name, extension, size, and creation date on hfs+ partition.
  • Its’ strong scanning algorithm scans the entire hard disk volume within few minutes.
  • It has one of the best GUI, thus making its usage easy for both novice and expert.
  • It works efficiently with both Power PC and Intel Mac platforms by usage of Universal Binary Application.

But prior to any recovery of file from hfs+ one need cautious about certain things such as:

  • Stop any additional usage of hard drive partition of mac for which you want to retrieve your files.
  • Downloading and installation of your app should be at different location so that overwriting doesn’t take place on hfs+ partition.

Thus by viewing features of Disk Recovery Mac, we can easily suggest that it can be easily be used for recovery of hfs+ volume from mac. Any user can get this tool from internet for evaluation usage.

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