Best method to recover deleted files from USB drive

A USB drive is an external removal drive, and it is useful for storing data. USB can store all kind of data such as movies, project files, business files, photos etc. The storage capacity of USB drive ranges from megabytes for some gigabytes. But sometime file in USB drive accidentally get deleted and results loss of data. Accidental deletion of data is extremely prevalent problem, as everyday life is going busy day by day as people don’t have enough time to follow safety measures.

In-spite of accidental deletion many reasons exist for data loss USB drive like:

  • Deletion of important files from USB drives by alternative party tool like antivirus
  • Corruption of Master Boot Record resulting USB drives crash/ Data loss
  • Infected USB drive fails to mount/connect to the PC
  • Corrupted system can delete a number of your important files from your USB drive.
  • Incomplete file transferring may delete some of your important files as a result

Precautions can assist you to avoid data loss problem. So don’t be careless and follow some precautions, it’s going to protect from severe data loss.

  • Use of good antivirus program for the security purpose and also to avoid virus attack
  • Use trust worthy power source in order to avoid fluctuation in voltage and improper system shutdown.
  • Don’t remove your USB drive forcefully from your PC or laptop
  • Never eject your USB drive during file transfer process

It is possible to recover data or files from the infected/irrecoverable/crashed USB drive. For your, make use of recovery software. Choose software, which is in a position to recover data loss during Re-formatting, re-partitioning crashed USB drives. Recover USB application is the best tool for recovering lost or deleted files from USB drive. With this particular tool you can even restore folders/files from USB drives having bad sectors.

Most people are unaware with this undeniable fact that recovery of delete file is achievable. Since they truly realize that once we any file through the use of shift+ delete option will skip from bin and that we can’t retrieve it back. However, this isn’t correct, if you delete any file from the system by using shift delete choices not permanently get deleted only the pointer which holds its address are removed. You can now easily recover it back by utilizing suitable recovery tool.

Here is the best recovery software for Windows or Mac Operating-system. USB recovery tool can easily recover USB files, in its original form as it was before recovery. In addition, it recovers data, which can be deleted or inaccessible in the pen drive. It also recovers data from flash memory cards, USB external drives, FireWire Drives, iPods. Recovered data can be sort on the basis of name, size, and file extension.

You can try trial version of this tool, which you can download online. With this tool you easily operate on all major version of Windows based pc such as XP/2007/Vista. If the outcome of demo version is satisfactory then you can download full version of this tool to recuperate your USB data, which you accidentally deleted.








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