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Outlook Email Recovery Software

Technology is growing and hitting the zenith. Communication is very important in a person’s life. Organizations and business firm communicate through emails. Outlook application has turned out to be the best application for communicating purpose. Imagine that you have opened the outlook to your horror, you realized that the Outlook emails have been deleted. You need to do an Outlook Email Recovery quickly.

When Outlook emails are deleted you will definitely think about how to recover deleted emails from outlook, but have you thought about what are the factors that lead to deletion of Microsoft Outlook emails? When Outlook emails are lost or deleted which causes huge data loss. There are many various factors that lead to deletion of emails from Microsoft Outlook. Few of them are clearly stated below:

Sometimes you might delete important emails when erasing the unwanted emails. To avoid the cluttering, you end up removing it from the deleted item folder too. This is will lead to permanent deletion of e-mails.

When PST file size exceeds the size limit then the new email might replace the old email. This might make the old emails go missing.

Outlook upgradations.

Scenarios such as Outlook upgradations, the intrusion of the virus and much more can definitely lead to Outlook email deletion.

What Are The Chances Of Recovering Outlook Email?

You need not worry when you come across such situations. The user can easily retrieve deleted Outlook emails. Same like Windows System, Microsoft Outlook also has a deleted item folder. The deleted Outlook emails will be present in this deleted items folder. But what happens when you delete those emails from deleted items folder? It is possible to restore Outlook emails that too easily using Microsoft Outlook email recovery software. Download the Software Remo Repair Outlook (PST) software which is the best solution to recover Outlook emails. The tool can also retrieve contacts, calendar, and other attributes.

Remo Repair Outlook (PST) and its features

Remo Repair Outlook application easily recovers Outlook emails which went missing or deleted just by following few simple steps. The application also works when Outlook Inbox Repair tool fails to work. The application fixes damaged or corrupted PST Files easily. The tool is supported in repairing oversized PST file. The advanced algorithms help in recovering emails and other attributes which are password protected. The application helps recovers emails and attributes from Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and so on. Remo Repair Outlook works even in Windows 10.

How To Recover Deleted Emails From Outlook?

You can follow the steps below to restore Outlook emails.

Download and run the application Remo Repair Outlook (PST) application in your Windows System.

From the main screen, choose the appropriate option from Open PST File and Find PST File. If you have an Outlook with multiple profiles then click on Select Outlook Profile.

The quick analyses will start.

As soon as the scanning is completed you can Preview the recovered Outlook emails

Ones you are satisfied with the result shown by the application purchase the product key.

How to Repair Corrupted PSD?


 With the advent of technology, clicking images is an inseparable part. We like to share each and every moment of our lives, so that it can be cherished after on. Adding effects to our images in order to enhance the quality of the image can   be very easily done via Photoshop which offers several filters and effects.

Worried about how to repair corrupted PSD file? Here’s an impeccable solution towards repairing corrupt PSD files. The Repair PSD provides a user-friendly interface, using advanced algorithms to repair corrupted PSD which is freely available throughout the internet.

 Let’s know something about PSD files

PSD abbreviated as Photoshop document which stores an image which support most of the imaging variations available in Photoshop. The variations include transparency, text, mask layers, alpha channels and duotone settings. A PSD format due to its popularity are supported by Photoshop and in contrast to other file formats the PSD files can be imported from other Adobe applications (Illustrator, Premiere Pro) which are required to make professional DVD, editing and adding special effects to enhance the image content.

 This is how to know the PSD files are corrupted

  • The “importer reported a generic error” error is displayed while importing from other versions of the same.
  • Unexpected End of File is displayed when the last part of the document file is corrupted which may be due to incomplete transfer or any other.
  • Bitdepth is not supported is encountered while attempting to import jpeg, tiff or any other format and thus importing any files is not possible.
  • Internal error code (1682591070:1745+15) is the error code displayed while importing puppets.
  • Not a valid Photoshop document
  • Can’t save file due to program error is displayed while trying to merge a layer with the original locked layer does not save the files.
  • Error PSD file is not compatible to this version of Photoshop.

 Why Repair PSD to fix corrupted PSD?

Repair PSD allows recovery of files which incorporates robust and advanced algorithm for effective scanning of the corrupt file throughout the device. This software works only in read-only mode which allows only repairing of the corrupt files rather than modification of the files.

The corrupted and broken PSD and even PDD files can be repaired. It has the ability to repair PSD file including its color mode being Bitmap, CMYK etc. It has the ability to fix corrupted PSD file with depths of 1, 8, 16 and 32 bits per channel and even supports big size files of PDD and PSD files. It repairs PSD files and also repairs its different layers (Mask and layer) and also recovers RLE compressed file using a convenient way.

The “First try then buy “ vision allows the user to firstly download the free version and recover their files but saving them to their desired destination requires upgrading them to the Pro version of the software which provides many more additional features.







Software to Repair QuickTime Movie

MOV files are normally compatible on QuickTime player. Other than MOV files AVI, MP4, MPEG can also be viewed. Now a day, media files can be efficiently stored on both Mac and Windows Operating system. Most of the time you may come across the scenarios, where the videos on QuickTime cannot be played due to many reasons. To handle such situation QuickTime Repair software can be used to fix QuickTime movie.
Let us know, where the QuickTime Repair Software can be used:
  • Usually, damaged/corrupted movie files are unable to play on QuickTime. In such cases, those damaged/ corrupted movie files can be repaired in a few simple steps with the help of this software.
  • Virus attack on media files will infect the whole file system and video files might get infected too.
  • Unsupported media player for playing videos will also corrupt/damage the video file; such damaged files can be repaired easily.
  • Audio-video sync out issue can be easily fixed with the help of this application toolkit.
  • Sometimes, Video files might get damaged while Converting one video format to another.
  • While downloading movie from browser, any interruption might also effect the movie file. Such movie file can be repaired quickly.
  • Compressing the video files might cause damage to files. Such damaged files can be repaired without losing any clarity of resolution.
  • This toolkit also helps in repairing the broken video file.
  • The recorded video files that are unable to play can also be easily repaired by using this software.
  • Any interruption in between transfer process might also damage the video file. This software becomes necessary at such cases.

How to fix QuickTime movie file?

Follow the below procedural instructions to fix the video file that are unplayable on QuickTime.

Download and install, Repair QuickTime software on your system. After successful installation launch the application. Later browse the damaged/corrupted/unplayable video file from the main screen window. Later repairing process to fix the QuickTime movie file will be initiated. After successful repairing process, one can view healthy repaired video file. If you are using demo version of software, purchase the software to save the repaired video file on desired location.

This software is developed and fabricated with the special scanning algorithm that repairs the audio stream and video stream of the movie file separately and later joins them after successful repair process. The repair process takes place in such a way that, it does not affect the clarity of the movie file.

This toolkit is reliable and can easily repair the damaged/corrupted movie file on different   versions of Windows and on different Mac operating system. The corrupted/damaged/unplayable movie file can be effectively repaired in a few simple mouse clicks.

Tool to Repair Damaged AVI Video File

AVI (Audio Video Interleave) is one of the most commonly used video file format developed by Microsoft Corp. This video file container contains video along with audio tracks. This file format is developed by using Resource Interchange File Format. AVI file container supports synchronous audio with video playback. This video file format saves in system hard drive with .avi file extension. This video file format supports both Apple Mac and MS Windows based computers. Apart from these features of AVI video file, sometimes you may face problems with AVI file. While playing an AVI file with media player such as VLC, QuickTime or any other video player, it shows error messages and denies to play. These difficult states of AVI video file arise due to the corruption of it.

Once the AVI file gets damaged, then it shows behavior. After encountering such difficult situations, user wants to fix avi file and want to play it. In order to repair AVI video file, you need an advanced third party tool like Repair AVI Mac Software because there is no manual way to overcome from this issue. This tool is developed by expert IT professionals specially for fixing damaged AVI files by using few simple mouse clicks. It is read only program means it does not modify the original damaged AVI file. Instance of changing damaged AVI file, it creates a new AVI file and read the information from old file and put it into new one very easily. Due to this feature of Repair AVI Mac Software, it is considered as more safe and secure toward the more corruption of original AVI video files.

Common Reasons of AVI Video File Corruption:

  • At the time of playing an AVI file with media player, if system goes down improperly due to power outage or any other causes such as blue screen problems, then there is a chance of AVI video file corruption.
  • Virus or malware attack on AVI file can also be a reason behind the AVI file damaging. Once it gets affected by these dangerous viruses or malwares, then it will deny to play.
  • While copying or moving AVI files from computer to other external data storage device or vice versa, if any disruption occurs during this AVI file transferring process, then there is a chance of AVI video file damaging by which you will be unable to play it.
  • Header corruption, bad sectors, changing the file formats, forcefully closing player, playing AVI files with unsupported player can also lead to its corruption.

Amazing Features of Repair AVI Mac Software:

  • This easy to use program supports to fix AVI video files which can be recorded by digital camera or camcorder of any brands such as Sony, Fujifilm, Toshiba, Panasonic, Nikon, Olympus, Canon, Samsung, Kodak and LG without any difficulty.
  • With the help of Repair AVI Mac Software, you can easily repair and fix damaged, broken, corrupted or not playable AVI, XVID and DivX video files.
  • This hassle free tool is available for Microsoft Windows as well as Apple Mac OS based desktops and laptops such as Windows 10, Mavericks, Windows 8.1, Leopard, Lion, Windows 7, Windows XP, Mountain Lion, and Windows Vista easily.
  • Once the AVI video file is repaired, you can also take the preview of repaired AVI files before saving them to other storage drive without any other difficulty.

How To Restore Western Digital Passport Files?

Have you deleted any vital files from Western Digital Passport accidentally? Please, can anyone suggest me how to restore Western Digital Passport data in a reliable way? Thanks in Advance!!!

Recover WD software is capable of restoring Western Digital Passport data on Windows or Mac based system. With the implementation of this software, you can easily restore different types of media files, archive files, Office document file, Photoshop file, etc. It restores files from various types of hard drive interfaces such as FAT 32, FAT 16, HFS, HFS+, HFSX, and NTFS.

Reasons behind data loss from Western Digital Passport:

  • After completion of data transfer operation, if you don’t use Safely Removal option or abruptly pull out Western Digital Passport then there are more probability that you may lose data from Western Digital Passport.
  • Bad sector is also the reason behind data loss from Western Digital Passport. If there are number of bad sector on the Western Digital Passport, then it won’t be detected which further lead to data loss.
  • When Western Digital Passport gets infected by harmful virus or malware via unsecured devices which are used for data transfer, or the internet may corrupt the entire file which is stored on it.
  • While transferring files from Western Digital Passport to the system or vice-versa, if any interruption occurs such as the sudden shutdown of system or abruptly ejecting of Western Digital Passport from the system, etc. leads to data loss.
  • If the file system of Western Digital Passport gets corrupted or damaged due to any reason, then it leads to loss of file from Western Digital Passport.
  • Unintentional deletion or formatting of Western Digital Passport may lead to data loss from it.
  • Other reasons such as use of antivirus program, software malfunctioning, reformatting, improper formatting, etc.

If you have lost any data from Western Digital Passport, then don’t get worried. In such situation, you can opt Recover WD software which is capable of recovering deleted or lost file from Western Digital Passport within few mouse clicks.

Safety Tips:

  • Don’t use Western Digital Passport if you come across any data loss situation until and unless you have not recovered data from it.
  • Use good antivirus program on your system to make your system free from harmful malware or virus infection.
  • Always keep a backup of vital files from Western Digital Passport to some secondary storage device to avoid such data loss.

Features of Recover WD Software:

  • This software can restore Western Digital Passport files within few mouse clicks on all major versions of Windows OS.
  • Apart from Western Digital Passport, it also recovers data from various brands of the external drive such as SanDisk, Toshiba, Seagate, Buffalo, Samsung, Transcend, Kingston, Hitachi, etc.
  • Preview option is available in demo version of the Recover WD software to test the efficiency of the tool.
  • It also supports the recovery of file from various storage devices such as USB drive, memory card, system hard drive, memory stick, etc.

Download Video Repair Software: A Complete Guidelines to Repair Video Files

Nowadays people watch videos in laptop/computer, Smartphones, iPod, etc. of various formats like Mp4, 3GP, MOV, AVI and so on.

th-3“I am craze in recording videos of nature, birthday celebrations and downloading my favorite movies to watch them from my Smartphone and I have huge collection of videos. I usually watch them frequently. Few days before while I transferred all those videos to my system it was working absolutely fine but now some videos are not opening. When I play them, Windows pops up message as “broken video file”. Those broken videos are my all-time favorite. I’m tensed that I may lose all my videos. I don’t even have backup. I don’t know how to fix this issue? Can anyone help me: How to repair video file?”

Video repair software is external third party tool which has a strong mechanism and repairing algorithm to repair damaged/corrupted video files.

Simple procedure to repair video file?

  1. Download and install Video Repair Software on your computer and Run the application.
  2. Later, from the main screen window browse and select video file which is to be repaired and hit on Repair
  3. Scanning process to repair video will be started. On successful completion of repair process, you can preview the repaired video file.
  4. Buy the software if you are using demo version and save the repaired video on desired location.

Different reasons for Video files to be damaged/corrupted?

  1. Virus/Malware attack may directly impact on video files and corrupt the file.
  2. While transferring video files abrupt interruption may cause the file corruption/ file error.
  3. Any hurdle during downloading videos may damage the downloading video files
  4. Improper termination of media player is the other reason for video files to be damaged/corrupted.
  5. Other factors such as bad sectors, header corruption, incorrect video editing, CRC errors, power fluctuations may also results in damaged video files.

Features of Video Repair software.

  1. This software is user friendly and reliable to use which repairs damaged/corrupted video files in few simple clicks.
  2. This software has an ability to fix damaged video files of all format like MOV, Mp4, 3GP, AVI, MPEG etc.
  3. This software is platform independent which can be used on all versions of Windows like 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and also on Mac Operating systems too.
  4. Videos recorded during low power battery makes video segments not to be arranged properly. This software enables to fix such kind of error in ease steps.
  5. Other video formats recorded on different camera like Samsung, Panasonic, Casio Kodak, Canon, etc. can be repaired too
  6. This software has an ability to repair large sized broken or damaged video files without any level of difficulties.
  7. Video files which are repaired by using this software can be easily played in all the media players.

How To Recover Deleted Folder From Recycle Bin In Windows 8?

“Yesterday while I was deleting useless files from my Windows 8 system, I mistakenly deleted few recycle_bin
important folder. With a hope, I search those deleted files in Recycle Bin but after deletion I emptied the Recycle Bin, that’s why I didn’t find any file in Recycle Bin. Is there any way to recover deleted folder from Recycle Bin in Windows 8 without losing a single file?”

If you have deleted any files from Recycle Bin then don’t get worried as you can opt Folder Recovery software to recover deleted folder from Recycle Bin Windows 8. It also supports recovery of deleted folders or files on various versions of Windows operating system such as Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc.

Reasons behind deletion of files from Recycle Bin:

  • Accidental deletion of folder or files from Recycle Bin.
  • If you delete any files or folders using Shift + Delete command then deleted folder or files bypasses the Recycle Bin on Windows 8 or on other versions Windows of OS.
  • When the Recycle Bin size exceeds its maximum limit then it pushes out the older folder or files to add new files on it.
  • Intentionally or unintentionally emptying the Recycle Bin to free up the space on the hard drive.
  • Use of third party software like antivirus program, sometimes delete the folders or files from the hard drive.

Users who have deleted any folders or files from Recycle Bin on Windows 8 due to any of the above-mentioned reasons need not to worry now. Irrespective of how to recover deleted folder from Recycle Bin Windows 8, you can use Folder Recovery software on your Windows OS.

Precautionary Measures:

  • Check whether there is any vital folder or files before emptying Recycle Bin.
  • Keep backing of essential files on some storage device to restore them in case of loss of deletion of files or folders.
  • Disable the option in Recycle Bin properties which bypasses the deleted folders or files leads to permanent deletion of folders or files.
  • Don’t save any files on your hard drive on Windows 8 system after unintentional deletion of files or folders.
  • Maintain updated antivirus program to prevent your files or folders on all Windows OS.

Features of Folder Recovery Software:

  • This software helps you to get back the deleted folders from Recycle Bin Windows 8 and even after emptying Recycle Bin on Windows 8 based system.
  • It supports recovery of deleted folders or files on all major versions of Windows operating system such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, and Windows Vista.
  • It even recover deleted folders or files from Mac operating system.
  • This software can recover deleted or lost folders/files from any storage devices such as FireWire drive, pen drive, memory stick, flash drive, USB drive, etc.
  • It retrieve deleted or lost files from ExFAT, NTFS, NTFS 5, FAT, etc. file system.
  • The software has “Preview” option, using which you can view the recovered folders or files before saving it to the desired location.
  • The software has a Find option which allows users to search file on the basis of their unique signatures such as File name, file size, date of creation, and file type.

Recovering Data from Formatted Hard Drive on Windows 10

Did you accidentally format your hard drive on Windows 10? Forget worries, because this page explains the functionality of a data recovery software from which you can easily get back all of your formatted data. We are going to perform recovery using a software called Remo Recover which has the ability to recover data from deleted, lost or even formatted hard drive. The process of recovering data is very simple and requires no more than a few minutes. To better understand the functionality of this tool, a video is embedded below which makes it easy for the user to go through the steps as mentioned in the video.

It may have had important documents, your holiday photos, a collection of favorite music and many other data but everything is lost with a single click. This kind of format is mostly accidental while some of this may be due to other scenarios. We will cover the important topic of steps to regain the files first and then move on to the features of this tool followed by the causes of hard drive format.

Characteristics of Remo Recover Tool – A Glance

  • Recovers documents, videos, photos, music, compressed RARs, etc.
  • Able to retrieve over 300 types of files.
  • Works on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and Vista. Support for both 32 and 64-bit versions.
  • Ability to recover more data in less amount of time.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Retrieves data from hard drives, SSDs, USB drives, SD cards and all other physical disk drives.

Steps involving in Recovery of Data from Formatted Hard Drive

In the main screen of the software, pick ‘Recover Drives’ and on the next screen ‘Formatted / Reformatted Recovery’. The file can be downloaded on the link provided in the video above. Make sure you watch it for understanding it clearly. Under ‘Devices / Partitions’, choose the drive which you have formatted and want the lost data back. As you pick the drive, the software will scan for the formatted partitions and gives you with a list of file types which you can choose it individually or search for the specific file by its name. Once everything is done, you will be shown with a list of all the formatted folders and files available for retrieval. Mark the folder and files which you want and proceed in choosing the destination folder for saving. Everything is done and the tool starts saving the files on a destination folder.

Hard Drive Format – Causes & Scenarios

  • Formatting the hard drive accidentally while ejecting the external hard drive or by mistake.
  • Formatting due to the corruption in the partition which will lead to inaccessible drives. Thus the user has no other option than to delete it.
  • Due to the infection of external threats on your Windows 10 computer might have caused the corruption which further leads to deletion.
  • Disruption / Interruption while changing the file system in hard drive or while formatting the drive will end up in inaccessible drives. Thus format is the only option.

Under all the above cause of hard drive format, this tool can effectively recover the formatted data by scanning into each individual hard drive sector. Watching the above video will clear all your doubts about the recovery using Remo Recover tool.

How to Fix Broken Adobe Photoshop PSD Files?

psd-fileNow a days, people are using Photoshop from their business as well as personal uses. It is one of the widely used graphics editing program developed and marketed by Adobe Inc. Photoshop is available for both Mac and Windows system users. Adobe has launched a series of Photoshop app. Each version of Photoshop has a number of advanced features compare to its previous release. With the help of this amazing tool, people can perform a number of operations on their images and improve the quality of it. These operations are crop, increase or decrease image sharpness, same images in different file formats, vary pixels and many others.

The default file extension of Photoshop is .psd. But it also allows users to save it in various other file formats based on their requirements. Photoshop PSD is a multilayer file format. Besides these advanced features of Photoshop, sometimes, people can face psd file broken issue. Once the PSD file gets brooked, then user will be unable to access it. In such difficult, painful psd file broken issue, people want to overcome from these situations but they do not know how to fix broken PSD file. The solution of question is PSD File Repair app. This third party repair tool has enough potential to repair broken, damaged, inaccessible or corrupted Photoshop PSD file by following simple few mouse clicks.

Some most common causes behind Photoshop PSD file broken:

  • Using lower version of Photoshop to open PSD file can also lead to its corruption, because lower versions may not support some features of its latest version and turns it to broken.
  • Transferring PSD file from laptop or desktop to an external device or vice versa, if people eject the drive before completion of this process, then PSD file may get broken.
  • Downloading incomplete PSD file from the internet can also be a cause behind the broken of PSD files.
  • Some other reasons which may lead to PSD file broken are improper installation or upgradation of Photoshop app, using an unreliable third party tool, psd file saved on drive bad sector area, psd file header corruption, etc.

know how to fix broken PSD File and features of this app:

  • PSD File Repair software supports to fix broken PSD file on all the latest versions of Mac and Windows operating systems.
  • Supports to fix broken PSD file which can be created with any versions of Photoshop like Photoshop5.5, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS1, CS5 and CS6 very easily.
  • Allows to repair broken PSD file with various color modes such as gray-scale, RGB color, Bitmap, indexed color, duotone, multichannel color, etc.
  • Capable to repair and fix all PSD file related issues and also ensue towards the safety of broken PSD file.

Steps and know how to fix broken PSD file:

  • Download the demo version of PSD File Repair program in your system and install it.
  • Once the installation is over, launch the program and click on “Browse” button to select the broken PSD file from your system drive and click on “Repair” button.
  • Repair process will start. Once the repair process of broken PSD file is completed. It will display list of PSD files.
  • Select the psd file and click on “Preview” to see the repaired file.
  • Save it in the system or other external drive by clicking on “Save” button.

Tool to Repair Photoshop PSD Files

Most of the user use Adobe Photoshop for editing photos in the field of graphics andpsd-file
photography. The images files created using the Adobe Photoshop software are saved in .psd or .pdd format by default. However, sometimes, the user may encounter some errors while the user is working with Adobe Photoshop images files.  Adobe Photoshop files can corrupt due to many of the unforeseen reasons. But don’t get devastated in such situation. In such circumstances, you can opt for Repair Photoshop software which can easily fix the corrupted or damaged PSD files which occur due to various reasons. The software has advanced repairing technique which provides various features using which it can easily fix the PSD file that refuses to open.Common PSD Errors:

  • Not a valid Photoshop document
  • PSD file not compatible with this version of Photoshop
  • Photoshop could not save
  • Unexpected End of File

Scenarios behind the corruption of Photoshop files:

  • Adobe Photoshop malfunction
  • Adobe Photoshop app crash while editing or saving PSD file
  • Trying to open Photoshop file in incompatible Photoshop version
  • Use of unreliable software to recover deleted or lost Photoshop file
  • Compressing Photoshop file using unreliable tool
  • Software up-gradation to higher version
  • Virus infections
  • Sudden loss of power when you are working on Photoshop file
  • Incomplete download error of Photoshop file occurs due to network failure
  • Making changes to PSD file directly from removable drives
  • Crashed OS
  • Source file issue
  • Disk error

There are many other reasons behind corruption of Photoshop file but don’t get panic as you can opt Repair Photoshop software which can easily repair corrupt or damaged Photoshop file with utmost ease. This software has advanced scanning algorithm which scans your storage device thoroughly and repairs corrupt or damaged Photoshop file within few mouse clicks.

Precautionary Measures:

  • Avoid interruption while you are editing or saving any Photoshop file.
  • Don’t close or terminate the system while you are accessing the Photoshop file.
  • Use good antivirus software on your system to prevent virus or malware malfunction.
  • Always update your Adobe Photoshop app to prevent it from the corruption of PSD file.
  • Don’t save the PSD file on the hard disk which has bad sectors.

Features of Repair Photoshop software:

Robust Scanning Engines: Repair Photoshop software has robust scanning algorithms which can scan the entire corrupt PSD file and repairs all the files with quite easy.

Easy-to-use Interface: The software is designed with interactive GUI with step by step instructions as even the novice user can repair the Photoshop file with great ease.

Non-Destructive Mechanism: This tool ensures that the original file remains the same during the entire repairing process as it creates a new file for repairing the PSD file.

Quick and Secure Repair: Repair Photoshop software has fast scanning algorithms which can easily perform repairing of PSD file in few minutes.

Try Before Buy: You can download the demo version of the Repair Photoshop software to check the effectiveness of the software. It also provides you a free preview of repaired PSD file using which you can evaluate the repairing results, but save option is disabled in demo version. To save the repaired PSD file, you need to buy the full version of the software.

Supported OS: This software is compatible of repairing Photoshop file on Windows as well as Mac operating system.

NOTE: Working of Repair Photoshop software in the demo or licensed version is same but the only difference is, in demo version “Save” option will be disabled.